Join us on September 10th for a free home building Q & A.

The journey to home building usually starts with a lot of questions. And we have answers.

Building a custom home isn’t as complicated as you may have thought. Join us for an informal presentation, followed by a Q&A, where our experts break down what it takes to build a home on your own land. Understand the process step-by-step, how a construction loan works, and even how to pull permits and get your land build-ready.

Introducing your hosts:

Amanda Darling, Wayne Homes Sales Manager
It all starts with choosing a floor plan, then customizing and designing your Wayne home so it fits you to a tee. Amanda is one of the team members who will guide you through the process – every step of the way.

Kristin Hardie, Wayne Homes Production Administrator
Yes, there’s some paperwork that comes with building a custom home. Kristin will help you through the ins-and-outs of permitting and banking, including the costs (allowance) associated with preparing your homesite for construction.

Darrin Kresevic, Loan officer with Premier Bank (our preferred lending partner)
To build a custom home you need to know how much home you can afford. You’ll want to understand the difference between a construction loan and a regular home loan, and how the finances work. And as a preferred lending partner, Darren can also tell you about programs specifically for Wayne Homes customers.

Dave Richmond, Wayne Homes Construction Manager
The fun really begins when we dig the foundation of your new home. Dave can talk you through exactly what happens from pre-construction site prep to putting the key in the front door, including a rough timeline and what to look for in a buildable homesite.

Light refreshments will be served. Door prizes will be won. Questions big and small will be answered. Mark your calendar and we’ll see you there!