Personal Value List

  • Portage Design Center
  • Savannah Legacy Double Vanity
  • Fairfax Custom Dining Room
  • Covington Legacy Kitchen
  • Annapolis Family Kitchen
  • Wilmington Family Sunroom
  • McAllister Legacy Art Niche Fireplace
  • McAllister Legacy Covered Patio
  • Winchester Craftsman Bonus Room
  • Fairfax Custom Staircase
  • Portage Design Center
  • Covington Craftsman Master Bedroom
  • Covington Craftsman Master Bath
  • Covington Craftsman Loft
  • Covington Legacy Copper Farmhouse Sink
  • Winchester Craftsman Casement Window
  • Custom Staircase in Fairfax

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Exactly the right time to get exactly the right home

congratulations on your splendid timing.

We make it easier to buy and customize your very own Wayne home. Just drop by your nearest Wayne Homes Model Center and work with one of our New Home Consultants to complete your Personal Value List.

We call it the personal value list. You can call it the “i got exactly what i wanted” program.

At Wayne Homes, our “special offer” is something we offer every day. And that’s only part of what makes it so special. Here’s how it works …

The Personal Value List is the tool that lets you tell us precisely what you want in a new home. Then we figure out a way for you to have it. The list could include things like an island kitchen, a covered patio, hardwood floors or solid cherry cabinets. How about a high-efficiency gas fireplace? Then again, maybe you need us to customize one of our floorplans — to make the great room even greater or the master bedroom more masterful.

Not only are we willing and able to make just about any customized change you can come up with, with our Personal Value List we can make your custom-fitted dream home more affordable than you may have dreamed possible.

In short, it’s not us telling you what our special offer is. It’s you telling us.

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