Craftsman style homes - built on your land

There’s something special about a Craftsman style home: the nostalgia, the attention to detail, and the simplicity of great design. It’s the kind of house building that conjures up a sense of “They sure don’t build them like that anymore.” But at Wayne Homes, we build new construction homes and floor plans like that every day.

As fans of craftsman house plans, we appreciate the simplicity of form and hand craftsmanship that goes into each house. Craftsman style homes often feature exposed construction elements like gable brackets. And they usually incorporate natural materials like wood and stone in earth tones like grays, browns and greens. Some other common features found in our Craftsman style homes include porches with tapered pillars, window dormers, and double hung windows with unique but simple patterns.

Most Popular Craftsman House Plans

We’ve created a Craftsman exterior for a variety of our most popular house plans.

Videos of Craftsman House Plans We've Built

From homeowner walkthroughs to open houses under construction,
a video tour is a great way to see for yourself the exceptional quality of a custom Wayne Home

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