Buying vs. Building

Buying vs. Building Brochure

The pros and cons of buying a production home vs building a custom home on your own land

The first step to owning a brand new home is deciding between a custom home that you build on your own land and a production home that you find in a subdivision or development. Both directions have their advantages and disadvantages. So let’s have an honest conversation about building a home on your own land – and we promise not to sugarcoat anything. We want you to make an informed decision with realistic expectations. Because we want you to love where you live, either way.

We want to make the entire process of building a custom home on your land in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia as simple and straightforward as possible.

We created a downloadable brochure that outlines the pros and cons of buying vs. building. And rest assured, we’ll be there for you at every step.


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