Our Build Process and Timeline

Our job is to make this easier than you thought it would be

There’s a reason why Wayne Homes has won more awards for customer service and satisfaction than just about any other builder out there. It’s because we devote as much effort to our homebuilding process as we do to creating great home designs. We’ve taken what is typically a confusing, unpredictable path and made it smooth and methodical. Even fun. And we support our customers at every step, from the moment they first walk through our door to the moment they walk through their very own front door.

We start with what’s most important to you

Your home should express you. It should reflect your personality, your day-to-day life and, yes, your budget. Which is why we developed the Personal Value List. It’s the very first step in building a home with Wayne. The Personal Value List helps you prioritize what you want and need from your new home. And it helps us put together a plan and a price that fit you to a tee.

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Your Trusted Guides during the process:

Your new home consultant

This is the person that will be at your side through the entire process, helping you select and customize your home design, answering all your questions and providing everything you need as your home is being built.

Your field manager

This is who oversees the construction of your home from the ground up, assuring that it gets built exactly how you wanted it. No surprises. (Well, maybe some pleasant ones.)

Our Process: from start to finish with Wayne Homes

  1. Contract Meeting

    This is where your ownership and building experience truly begins. At your contract meeting, you will be presented with a purchase agreement and various documents that constitute the legal understanding regarding the purchase of your new home.

  2. Next Step Meeting

    This meeting is designed to review all your structural and design changes that have been included in your purchase agreement. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that your home will be built just like you are picturing it. After this meeting, you should have a realistic understanding of what Wayne Homes provides.

  3. Color Selection

    This is where your home really comes to life. Get ready to customize and personalize to your heart’s content – colors, lighting, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, fixtures and more.

  4. Lot Inspection

    You will meet your Field Manager at your home site. They will review your plans, selections and land-relates allowance items. This meeting is designed to give you a clear understanding of the constructions process. You’ll also discuss your favorite communication style … would you prefer a phone call or text message to keep you up-to-date on the process of your home?

  5. Pre-Construction Meeting

    Ready to review those dream plans you just created? Your Design Consultant will walk you through your final selections and blueprints … and will mark any changes. You’ll also receive an estimate for the total construction cost.

  6. Pre-Drywall Orientation

    During this meeting, you and your Field Manager will walk through your new home prior to the installation of the drywall. This will help you gain an understanding of how the framing and mechanical systems of your new home work.

  7. Pre-Closing Orientation

    As your new home nears completion, you and your Field Manager will walk through the home and start a checklist of any items or issues that are of concern to you. This is an extremely important step in our process. Our goal is to turn your home over to you with zero defects. This meeting helps our production team determine what needs to be done in order to meet that goal.

  8. Homeowner Orientation and Closing

    This is your last formally scheduled meeting with your Field Manager. Together, you will review important information about your new home warranty. Final documents will be delivered, along with your keys. Congratulations on your new Wayne Home. Welcome to the family.

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