Frequently Asked Home Building Questions

How do I know if you can build on my land?

We offer a free home site evaluation for our customers. If you own a piece of land or are trying to decide if you should make an offer to purchase we’ll come evaluate your property to make sure the Wayne home you are thinking about can be built on that property. Let our experts help you make the right decisions.

What if I don't have land?

Most of our customers don’t have land when they first come to us. We are here to help. We have contacts throughout the area that update us on available land. We can help get you started on your search based on where you want to live, and whether you want to live in a neighborhood or out in the country. We’re just a click or a phone call away.

How do we communicate during construction?

Our Field Managers understand the importance of consistent communication. In addition to the phone calls and emails keeping you up to date on the schedule of your new home, you will also have regularly scheduled meetings with your Field Manager at your home during construction. When you have questions about the construction of your new home you will have your Field Manager’s cell phone number in order to contact them directly. But you also want to see the home, right? That’s where Builders Signal comes in. Your field manager will upload your personal portal with photos of your home at every stage of the process!

How do I find out how much my new home will cost?

Make an appointment with your New Home Consultant, call the Model Center, or chat with Julie! Any of these will help you start from the beginning. First, you will select the home, then move onto the custom changes and options that you’d like to add. Second, determine how much your land will cost and the allowance items necessary to prepare your land (well and septic, driveway, sidewalks, landscaping, etc.). Don’t worry … your New Home Consultant can give you accurate estimates for all these items. What they won’t do is give you a low-ball price to make your total investment look great but end up costing you more money in the end, but an accurate estimate with experience and local knowledge behind it.

What kind of warranties come with my Wayne Home?

Warranties and taking care of our customers after they move in is something we pride ourselves in. When you buy a Wayne Home, you receive a 10 year structural warranty. You also receive the manufacturer’s warranties on each of the products that have been put into your home. These warranties range from a minimum of 1 year up to 10 years. We are most proud of our 2 Year Fit and Finish Warranty which is the best in the industry and is unmatched in the area. We go one year further and provide coverage to ensure that all warranted items will function and operate just like they did when you first moved in.

Can I finance land in my construction loan?

Yes, you can finance your land and your new home into one construction loan. You can also combine these if you already own your land but still have a remaining balance. The balance owed on your land will be added into your loan. This saves you from having two separate closings and also saves money on closing costs.

Can I build a new home when I have an existing home to sell?

Yes, most financial institutions offer Bridge Loan and/or Interest Reserve programs. These programs can give you access to some or all of the equity in your present home. This equity can serve as your down payment and might also reduce your existing home payment. Using these programs also allows you to move right into your new Wayne Home without having to move twice.

How do I take care of the site work and utilities?

Your personal Field Manager will assist you in taking care of these items. There is also a whole team of people in the office that are there to help you. Our Production Administrators and Design Consultants work with you and your Field Manager to make sure all the prep work gets scheduled and completed in a timely manner … helping you get closer to move in day!

Will you build from my plans?

Generally, we don’t build from anyone else’s plans. Most of the time we’re able to review a floor plan and suggest one of ours with design and structural changes.

What type and size of homes do you build?

We offer more than 50 different floor plans ranging from 1300 square feet to nearly 3600 square feet of living space. We also offer a wide variety of plans from cozy cape cods to split levels, and from ranches to two-stories with master suites on the first floor or upstairs. It’s your choice.

What manufacturers do we use?

We use only the finest quality materials in our homes. Here are a few of the many nationally known and recognized companies who help us create a home of quality and value. Partners like Pella, Pfister, Mohawk, Dow, Carrier, Wilsonart, GAF, Mannington and Kwikset … just to name a few. It’s because of companies such as these that we can offer you more choices for less. You can buy with confidence … knowing that your home has been built to last. That’s value. Real value.

How do I find out how much various options are?

The best way is to sit down with a New Home Consultant and determine what type of home is the best for you and your family. Our sales teams are experts at working with you to find out what’s most important and what you absolutely have to have in your new home. Call and ask how you can get a Value List … that’s the most valuable tool you can have in your new home search.

How much are the exteriors?

We have over 50 floor plans and each of those floor plans has two to four exteriors. Our exterior prices range from less than $1,000 to over $20,000. It just depends upon what’s been added to the classic exterior. Please email Julie and she will be able to give you those specific prices based on where you are planning to build.

Can I walk through a plan that's not a model?

We would love to have models of each of our floor plans. Obviously that’s not economically feasible. So we ask our homeowners if new customers can walk through their homes while under construction. It certainly makes a difference when you can see a home first hand rather than on a brochure or blue print. Your New Home Consultant can find out if your home is being built in the area. Keep in mind, It might not be close. We’ve had customers drive across the state just to be able to walk through the home and make sure it’s the one.

Where do you build?

Currently, we build in four states – Central and Northern Ohio, Southern Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Please contact Julie, our Online Sales Consultant or call your local sales center to find out their exact building area.

Can I make changes to the plan?

Yes. We build exactly what you want, right where you want it. Go ahead, ask us to move a wall, add a window, create the kitchen of your dreams or add a sunroom … we’ll do it. We’ll make our home completely yours.

What are the additional building costs?

A lot of that depends on where you are building. Each county, township or borough has their own fees and permit charges. Septic systems are more expensive than hooking up to a city sewer system. We have experts on staff who are able to give you the answers that you’re looking for. Please call your local sales center or 1-800-WAYNE60. We’d be happy to help.

How much is land?

Land costs vary widely. The local sales office can help you find the area that you would most like to live and provide you with estimates of land costs.

What's included in the price?

Check out our list of included features. We recently made this list even longer. To tell you the truth it’s easier to tell you what’s not included. Basically, that is your land and anything that needs to be done to that land including adding a well and septic system or city water and sewer hookups. Call or email Julie or a local New Home Consultant. They can help with the info that you’re looking for.

Are basements included in the base price?

Absolutely! All homes include a 12 course basement, perfect for storage or finishing off for extra family space.

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