Introducing the ‘Smart Style’ exterior by Wayne Homes.

Most of Wayne Homes’ exteriors, often referred to as “elevations,” are based on specific styles of architecture. Craftsman, Farmhouse, Waterfront … all are rooted in timeless genres of American design. Giving you lots of ways to customize the exterior of your home, so you get the curb appeal that you personally find most appealing. Smart Style gives you yet another exterior option. And this one is designed to add character and detail to your home without adding too much in the way of cost.

Here are just a few of the thing that makes the Smart Style exterior unique:

  • The two-tone color scheme dials up visual interest
  • A mix of vertical and horizontal siding adds texture
  • Double gables with wide trim and soffit returns provide structural identity
  • Larger windows with wider trim add both character and natural light
  • The two-panel front door with sidelight feels tasteful and welcoming
  • Eight-inch front porch columns add a sense of weight and modernity
  • The steeper roof pitch makes the home feel bigger

Defined by clean lines and a tasteful mix of details, Smart Style is the smart way to match your sense of style to your budget.

Best of all, since this is a Wayne Home, you get exacting standards of quality at a reasonable price. You can customize your home to perfection. Meaning you get the home you want, for the price you can afford, to last generations.


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