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Find your fit. That’s what it’s all about. Having exactly the home you’ve been dreaming of in exactly the place you dreamed it would be. In other words, a custom-built home on your land.

At Wayne Homes, we give you over 50 distinctive home plans to choose from. Ranch homes, two-stories and split-levels. From not-too-big homes to wonderfully spacious homes. And once you’ve selected a home plan that fits well, you can make custom changes—move a wall, enlarge a window, expand a garage, add a crafts room, sunroom, or even a private in-law suite—so your new home fits you to a tee.

We think your new home should express who you are. Your home, your life, your style. That’s why our process begins with what we call the Personal Value List. This is the all-important first step where you paint a clear picture of your dream home and prioritize your needs and desires: which features are must-have, really-want-to-have and would-be-nice-to-have.

Speaking of personal, wait till you see all the choices you have in our design studio. Fabulous flooring, killer kitchen islands, tasty tile backsplashes … all the touches that turn a Wayne home into your home.

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