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And although it may seem that we’re at the end of our road together, it’s really just a bend. Your Wayne Home warranty is a promise of our continued partnership, and its comprehensiveness is one more reason we consistently earn one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Your new home’s coverage actually includes two warranties: a two-year Fit and Finish Warranty and a 10-year Structural Warranty. We want you to understand exactly how they work.

The Fit and Finish Warranty • 2 Years

This is your “bumper-to-bumper” warranty, the one that guarantees every aspect of your home for two years.* Other homebuilders’ fit-and-finish warranties last only one year. So why did we decide to double that and offer the industry’s very best warranty? First, for your peace of mind. Also because most problems, if you have any, will show up within two years. And finally, because we have that much faith in our craftsmanship.

The Structural Warranty • 10 Years

Think of this warranty as covering the bones of the house, such as the foundation and framing. While the Fit and Finish Warranty covers just about everything for two years — both skeleton and skin, to extend the analogy — the Structural Warranty covers only the skeleton for eight years beyond that. Here are a few examples to clarify what we mean by “structural”:

  • Bowed walls would be covered.
  • Peeling drywall tape would not.
  • Roof leaks caused by trusses or framing would be covered. Roof leaks caused by shingles or sheathing would not.
  • Foundation cracks 3/16″ and larger would be covered. Smaller cracks are normal for concrete and aren’t covered.
  • Foundation leaks would be covered by the waterproofing manufacturer’s 30-year warranty. Plumbing and electrical would not.
  • Flooring, siding and HVAC equipment would not be covered by our Structural Warranty but might be covered by the manufacturer.

At Wayne Homes, we think of our homeowners as a family, and those ties don’t come with expiration dates. So please feel free to call us for advice even after your warranties have ended. Whatever the issue and whichever warranty applies, filing your claim is as simple as calling Wayne Homes Customer Care at 800-576-3486 or completing our online warranty service request form.

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