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Feb 10, 2022 Building a Custom Home

Great Debate: Coffered or Beam Ceilings

Ceiling accents are hot right now. And for good reason! All you have to do is look up to get some major design inspiration. The fifth wall of your home offers numerous options for customization. Beams and coffered ceilings both add architectural interest to your home, but which one should you choose? That is the topic for this Great Debate!

Coffered Ceilings

The newly designed McAllister Legacy at our Akron/Medina Model Center has stunning coffered ceilings in the dining room. Explore more of this home and you’ll see why so many Wayne homeowners choose this design feature.

Inspired by a Baroque and early Renaissance architectural style in which a roof’s framework exposed overhead beams crossing at different angles, coffered ceilings bring a lot of visual drama to a home. In architectural terms, the word “coffer” means “indentation.” The design is created by upward indentations in a ceiling framed by beams arranged in a grid pattern of rectangles, squares, octagons, or other polygonal shapes. These are often seen in more traditional styled homes.

Looks aside, coffered ceilings have other benefits as well:

  • They give the illusion of spaciousness
  • Absorb excess sound,
  • Potentially add to a home’s resale value

But, there are also a few drawbacks:

  • Can take away from headspace, so be sure your ceilings are at least 9′ tall
  • Could be expensive to install
  • May require extra ceiling support, depending on weight

Beam Ceilings

The white beams designed for tour Newark Brentwood Model Home are the kind of home details that make friends and family say wow. See inside this Model Home.

Adding beam treatments to your ceiling is a simpler way to add visual interest than designing a coffered ceiling. Known as the fifth wall – your ceiling – sets the tone for your home, and adding beams can add character and warmth to a space. Exposed ceiling beams can give you depth and texture. They can take an ordinary room and make it something special. Beams can add coziness to more contemporary homes or add a touch of rustic charm to create a modern farmhouse feel.

Here are all the pros to beam ceilings:

  • They draw the eye up
  • Can make the space feel larger
  • Make a big design splash without taking up any square footage and, depending on the design, minimal headspace
Sometimes, all you need is a single beam to tie the whole room together – like in our Pittsburgh Center Model Home. Take a Virtual Tour of this beautiful home and see for yourself.

And the cons:

  • Taller ceilings are typically better when adding beams, but lower ceilings can tolerate them if the beams have a low profile
  • Can define a space, so be aware of open floor plans and the visual effect beams have

Which one is your favorite? If you’re unsure, give us a call. Our team works closely with our customers to create the ceiling look that fits their aesthetic best; below are some of the possibilities, and be sure to check out our ceiling gallery for even more visual inspiration!

Do you have a question about the ceiling treatments we offer? Drop us a line –we have the answers you need!

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