Conversations: Part One
Jan 24, 2012 Custom Home Design

Conversations: Part One

I’ve been reflecting on the new friends made and the many conversations that took place during the season of holiday gatherings. It’s interesting to me that as soon as a fellow guest discovered that my passion is custom home building; the intriguing questions began to fly. If you were the proverbial fly on the wall, here’s what you might have heard…

“Dave, what is it that today’s home building customers are really looking for?  Are there some things your customers are willing to compromise on, and some they aren’t?  How much stress does the building process cause? Is price all that really matters? Great questions each and all! Here’s how the conversations went.

What are home buyers looking for today? The best value. And they find it when someone will deliver exactly what they want, at a price that’s fair, while making the entire transaction memorable (after all, no one likes to be put through a wringer just to save a few bucks). By the way, price actually isn’t that difficult to replicate—in my business, any builder can match any other’s new home price at any given time. But they can’t reproduce our unique home plans; and it’s impossible for another builder to duplicate how our Wayne Homes teammates will treat you every day. We’re dedicated to making custom homebuilding fun!


I think people build a custom home so they won’t have to compromise!

Sure, there’s always some give-and-take when the choices are almost limitless; but Wayne Homes’ unique Value List process helps uncover what’s most and least important to each individual, in a person by person approach. This way both husband and wife will get everything each needs; almost everything each wants; and always a few of those “wouldn’t-it-be-nice-if…“wishes. The bonus is our team also knows exactly what to deliver on time and on budget, and how to create great memories from start through service.

How much stress is there?

Not much. We make ourselves available for you, and we keep you informed. We anticipate and act, rather than delay and react. We love to listen and ask the right questions at the right time. We will offer excellent advice when asked; and we try very hard to be a great partner! Our goal is to see you smile every time we interact.

How much does all this cost?

Obviously, the price of your new home really depends on what you want in it. Yet price is only one part of the equation; when you think on it, the total cost of ownership involves more. Have you heard the anecdote about Dr. Edwards Deming who, when asked “Professor, how much did your new shoes cost?” answered “I don’t know; I haven’t worn them out yet.” In the same way, the total cost of owning a new home should also include the money you’ll spend to run it (utilities) and the cost to maintain it (service).

Wayne Homes has been an Energy Star partner since 1997 and we pay you if your utility usage is more than it should be (our exclusive Energy Smart guarantee). We build every home to last, which is why we were the first builder in Ohio to win the National Housing Quality award, and why our warranty is twice as long as the industry average. Finally, do you remember all those smiles we talked about? They come at no extra cost, because headache-free is truly priceless!

Stay tuned for Part Two!  Keep up to date by visiting our Facebook page daily.

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