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Sep 24, 2020 Custom Home Design

Custom ceiling inspiration—Exposed beams, cathedral style and more!

Need design inspiration for your new custom home? Look up!  The fifth wall of your home offers numerous options for customization. Our team works closely with our customers to create the ceiling look that fits their aesthetic best; below are some of the possibilities, and be sure to check out our ceiling gallery for even more visual inspiration!

Vaulted/cathedral-style ceilings

Higher, vaulted ceilings automatically make a space, even a small one, feel larger and more open, which makes this option an incredibly popular one among the families we work with. It gives you more space, or at least the illusion of it, and also brings more light into a space, making it feel airy and open. The one downside to this style of ceiling is that it also creates more space and air to heat, making it a bit less energy efficient than a standard height ceiling.

Sky’s the limit: The cathedral ceiling in the Newark Brentwood Farmhouse at our Newark Model Center takes the home’s style to new heights.

Tray ceilings

Tray ceilings are a popular option in bedrooms in particular and are much-loved by homeowners and designers alike because of how customizable they are. They can be as simple and minimalistic or as ornate as you like depending on the look you are going for. They can also be functional as well as attractive, camouflaging vent systems and bulk headers, or other mechanical elements.

“Tray” chic: Tray ceiling in the owner suite in the Gettysburg Legacy model at our Portage Model Center.

Coffered ceilings

Looking to add some dimension and character to your space? Consider a coffered ceiling, a favorite for dining and great room styles. A coffered ceiling provides a grid of bold beams that can be configured in a wide range of styles. You can create a subtle look by choosing complimentary hues, or you can create a dramatic, artistic statement with bold colors and ornate patterns. Whether you like high drama or subtle sophistication, coffered ceilings are a great option to consider.

Real-life inspiration: Coffered ceilings in the dining room at the Kinston Homestead II model at our Hartland Model Center.

Exposed beams

This option is increasing in popularity, thanks to its rustic, farmhouse vibe. They’re also increasingly affordable to install, especially if you choose a faux beam, which is much less expensive than an actual heavy-duty wooden beam. Beams can be left rustic and unfinished for a country modern look, or stained and polished for a more refined feel. This look is great for a living space or great room, but also works well in bedrooms too!

Beam me up: The Columbia Farmhouse model at our Akron-Medina Model Center features gorgeous stained wood beams in the two-story great room.

Shiplap ceiling

Installing shiplap on your ceiling is another way to bring character and dimension to your home. It can make a newly constructed home appear to have been around for years, blending the charm of an older home with the perks of a brand new home. A shiplap ceiling looks great anywhere–from the kitchen to the bedroom. Whether painted white for a farmhouse look or left natural or stained for a more rustic, cabin feel, shiplap is a great way to warm up a room and add enduring style that has universal appeal.

Instant farmhouse style: Shiplap ceiling in the kitchen at the Columbia Farmhouse model at our Akron-Medina Model Center.

We love working with homeowners to create the custom look they’ve envisioned, and that includes looking up at the ceilings to consider the possibilities. Whether you like the light-filled look of a vaulted ceiling, an ornate tray ceiling, a bold contrasting coffered look, a rustic exposed beam, or a modern farmhouse shiplap ceiling, we can bring your idea to life!

We want to make every part of your home — including the ceiling — custom to your style. Get in touch with us today to talk more about your options!

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