Enjoy outdoors from inside
Mar 03, 2020 Custom Home Design

Enjoy the Outdoors from the Comfort of Your Home

Bringing the outdoors inside is one of the best ways to brighten up your home and create joyful spaces year-round. In the middle of a long winter, it’s also a great way to escape seasonal blues.

Here are some ways you can bring the outdoors into your home:

Warm Up to a Sunroom

An enclosed patio or sunroom is a great space to welcome in light. Both add value to your home and are a great way to connect with nature 365 days a year. Just imagine, waking up and having your coffee while watching the sunrise and still being coy and warm inside, or being able to watch the snowfall without worrying about catching a cold. You get the best of both worlds when you have an all-season sunroom.

Let There Be Light

If you’d rather have that sunroom feel all over your home, consider adding more windows. Try grouping windows together on a large wall to have a “wall of windows” or installing skylights in hallways. All that natural light will make your home feel bigger and add to its appeal and charm.

Organic Style

Beyond bringing sunshine into your home, you can also use natural materials in your decor to emphasize a light, bright organic style. Try jute rugs, bamboo blinds, linen drapes, woven baskets and–most importantly–lots of plants.  Adding greenery can actually improve the air quality in your home and pops against sun-drenched neutral walls.

Ready to design your own sun-drenched custom home that brings the outdoors in? Contact us to get started.

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