Honoring Our Hometown Heroes
May 10, 2011 Custom Home Design

Honoring Our Hometown Heroes

*This blog was originally published in 2011. The Hometown Heroes policy has changed since this blog was published. 

Every hometown has its heroes. Fire fighters, police officers, nurses, teachers, and military folks. Sometimes they wear uniforms, sometimes not, but they’re always looked up to because they’ve earned it. These brave men and women deserve our respect, admiration and praise for what they do for us every day. They keep our families, our jobs, and our hometowns safe. Safe from crime, from fire, from disease and illiteracy. They fight for our freedom; they’re loyal, courageous, determined and caring. Every one of these selfless heroes affects our lives every day; and that in turn, shapes the generations to come. Their influence has no boundaries.

Can we ever thank them enough? Let’s try. Next time we see a hometown hero, let’s stop what we’re doing and make a point of saying hello. Give them encouragement; thank them for what they do. And if you find out they’re looking for a new home, please send them to Wayne Homes – because all their “giving” deserves a little “getting” in return!

Wayne Homes has some really special thank-you gifts for all you Hometown Heroes. You will get the free upgrade of your choice: how about high-performance appliances for that new gourmet kitchen of yours? Maybe a media center / home theater is more to your liking? Or choose Whirlpool’s Gladiator System to give your garage ‘the works‘. And if you haven’t heard yet, any hometown hero can now choose a Pottery Barn shopping spree! Yep, that’s five thousand dollars worth of style you can spend any way you like…to put another custom touch into your custom Wayne Home.

Hometown heroes, we salute you!

To learn more about special offers for our Hometown Heroes, please visit our website here.

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