How Did We Go About Designing Our New McAllister Model?
Apr 12, 2011 Custom Home Design

How Did We Go About Designing Our New McAllister Model?

“How did you come up with such a warm and cozy home plan like the McAllister?”

That’s a question we’ve been hearing a lot since the debut of our newest ranch-home design. You would think that we’d have a concise, uncomplicated reply prepared…but we don’t! That’s because it’s really a deceptively difficult question; and as we all know, there’s rarely an easy answer to anything that’s complex.

The McAllister is one of over forty exceptional house plans crafted by Wayne Homes. We offer such a large number of plan designs because our homeowners have widely-diverse, individual needs. Furthermore, everyone tells us that when faced with near-limitless choices, it’s easiest to start from an existing Wayne plan and then make the changes they want to create a custom home of their own. There’s almost nothing we won’t do on our mission to provide the best experience in homebuilding.

Back to the question: What goes into a great home design like the McAllister?

We begin by reviewing over 18,000 families-worth of input. There aren’t many builders who can say that – or many that started more than 37 years ago for that matter! Using this real-life feedback, the designers focus on the needs and desires of the customers who will live in the home – from families with growing children to empty nesters, and those in between. We blend our customers’ advice with solid building principles and strike the perfect balance between scientific engineering and cozy, inviting livability.

Lines of sight, natural light, fewer steps, and flexible living spaces go into the equation. Formal or informal, anything you want – it’s there for you. Easy to use kitchens with lots of choices: pull-outs, drawers, islands, or eat ledges, whatever you ask for goes into the mix. The McAllistereven has four exterior designs to offer plenty of curb appeal for anyone’s taste.

Every one of our home plans combines ease-of-use, low maintenance, and superior energy savings. We believe that just because you custom build, doesn’t mean you deserve a house that costs a lot to operate.

As you can see, it’s not easy to design a new Wayne Home but it’s certainly worth the effort. Take a look at the McAllister and tell us what you think.

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