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How to Make a Big Impact in a Small Room

Small rooms can make a big impact…you just have to know how to create a little drama. Think high-contrast paint or wallpaper, statement furniture and, of course, excellent organization.

A few spaces that are diminutive in size–but can be big on style–include the entryway, powder room, and laundry room. When you spend a little time making some thoughtful changes in these spaces, you’ll notice the huge impact it has on your home.


An entryway is a great space to go bold with scale. Try a large-scale piece of art with a gallery light fixture or a floor mirror to reflect light. The entryway is also a great area to showcase a visually interesting light fixture. This is especially true if you have vaulted ceilings or if you have a two-story entryway. Although you may not want to do a dramatic wall color or treatment if your entryway leads into your home directly, you can try a fun rug or entry table for a pop of color in the space.

Powder Room

Powder rooms are a great opportunity to have some fun with color. Lots of people who visit your home will make a trip to the powder room, so why not make it remarkable? With a small space like this, the walls will need to make the impact. Try a graphic wallpaper or a deep, bold paint color to create drama. Your choice of mirror over your sink will also add depth to the room. The sky is the limit with style and finish, but go big! An oversized mirror reflects light and makes the space have presence.

Laundry Room

Franklin Legacy model home in Pittsburgh
See our favorite laundry rooms

Laundry is a chore, so making your laundry room a happy place is a must to get through it with a smile. You may almost start to enjoy doing laundry. If you have a window in your laundry room, consider leaving it bare or use a bamboo or fabric Roman blind to maximize the natural light you get in the space. One key to a beautiful laundry room is having a place for everything to go. Try glass containers for loose change found in pockets, dryer sheets, and you can even use a beverage dispenser to dispense liquid laundry detergent–brilliant! Use storage baskets to declutter, and of course, you need a folding area and laundry sorter so your whites never get mixed up with your colors. This is a space where a fun flooring treatment can go a long way. Try patterned cement tiles or a bright area rug.

All Small Spaces

Hampton Farmhouse Model Home Laundry Room Some design principles will make any small space in your home look grander. Try using horizontal or vertical shiplap. Vertical will elongate the room and make it appear taller, while horizontal shiplap will widen the room. Just like your laundry room, leaving your windows bare in a small space will make it appear bigger. If you have to have a wall covering for privacy in a small space, use a blind you can retract to let as much natural light in as possible or hang curtains in the same color as the wall.

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