Open Houses
Aug 17, 2011 Custom Home Design

Open Houses

I don’t purchase too many things on the internet. Then again, I don’t shop that often at all…my bride of thirty five years has assumed that responsibility in our ‘marital division of duties’ (very ably, I might add). When I do go shopping, I revert to what I did pre-marriage, and typically drive to a store. But these days I’ve added a twist!

My new ritual now begins with a visit to the internet. Going on line helps me get a feel for what choices are available, even though I typically don’t buy while I’m there. When I’m shopping I still prefer to get all of my senses immersed. There’s a part of me that always enjoys the physical experience of walking around, seeing, touching, and feeling before I commit to any purchase. I suppose I could be called a bit old-fashioned in this regard; but that’s my comfort zone. So what’s all this got to do with Wayne Homes?

Our team tries to deliver the most outstanding customer experience in the industry. We want to provide one that fits everyone’s individual comfort zone. So we hope you find our easy-to-use website both terrific and a snap to navigate. It’s chock-full of floor plans, ideas, and photos of families’ dreams come true. Wayne Homes helps make sense out of custom choices that are practically limitless!

Then, if you’re like me and want that physical shopping experience added to your internet shopping, it’s only a short drive to come visit us. We’re open seven days a week so you can enjoy walking through our model homes at your pleasure. Now I do have a confession to make—we don’t have a model for each of the forty-plus home plans that we offer. It’s just not practical. That’s why we also hold Open Houses throughout the season.

What’s an ‘Open House’ you might ask? It’s a chance for you to physically experience a unique Wayne home being built on one of our customers’ home sites. A very, very gracious family is allowing you to tour their dream home for a day or one short weekend so you can vicariously share their building experience. Wow! That is extremely generous of them! And why it’s only available for a very short period of time. To find our model homes as well as an Open House near you, go to our website. We hope to see you soon!

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