Our 50/50 Celebration Was A Great Idea – And A Great Success!
Mar 29, 2011 Custom Home Design

Our 50/50 Celebration Was A Great Idea – And A Great Success!

Learning is fun. That’s why we’ve been involved in Builders’ Groups both formally and informally for over 30 years. It’s really helpful to share one’s trials and successes with people who build just like we do; we can appreciate and truly understand each other. The groups we’ve been in have had members of all shapes and sizes—from large public builders, to small custom crafters, and everything in between. And we hail from every geographic area of the United States. Without a doubt, the two best things every participant gets from being involved are lasting friendships and terrific ideas.

Our 50 / 50 celebration is a perfect example of one such great idea. At a recent gathering, we brainstormed amongst each other: ‘We all build very energy efficient homes; what’s the best way to get that point across?’ A member of our group spoke up and said “I’ve heard that no advertising message is stronger than saying ‘It’s Free.’” Well, paying only $50 a month for all your utility bills is almost the same as ‘Free’ isn’t it?! And that’s how the 50/50 celebration was created.

After fifty consecutive days, we ended our 50/50 promotion this March. Anyone who purchased a custom-built Wayne home during that timeframe is guaranteed that their utility bills—both gas AND electric—will cost no more than fifty bucks a month total, during the first year they live in their new home! That’s right. Only fifty bucks a month. For twelve straight months. Wow!

So, was the idea a good one? Did it work? Yes. Because over fifty fortunate homeowners will pay only fifty dollars a month for their utilities after they move in. Pretty cool. Of course, not nearly as cool as the custom homes each of these lucky families have created for themselves…the almost-free energy bills are icing on the cake! Wait until you see their gorgeous gables, brick, and stone exteriors; and the beautiful granite, marble and hardwoods they’ve sprinkled all over inside. Perhaps best of all is getting to hear: “This is what we always wanted…and I can’t believe we can get it all”

Learning is fun. Seeing all the customer smiles is waaay more fun! 50/50? Ten-four!

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