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Tile Trends

Tile has come a long way from its utilitarian past. These days, you can find tile in a variety of forms, patterns, colors and finishes. Tile is typically used in kitchens, mudrooms and bathrooms, and the newest tile products can really bring personality to each of these rooms. Whatever your style, there is a tile to suit you. Here are some of the latest trends in tile for you to consider in your home.

Weathered and Textured Finishes

Modern rustic is still reigning supreme in interior design, and the latest distressed tiles are a perfect complement to that sleek farmhouse style. With a weathered look that makes the tiles appear as if you’ve had them for ages, weathered or textured tile is a great way to add character to a new build.

Daltile Artigiano Italian Alps brickset backsplash in the Brentwood model by Wayne Homes

A perfect example of this is the Daltile Artigiano Italian Alps brickset backsplash in the Brentwood model kitchen. This textured, rustic brick achieves an aged, high-end look in this modern kitchen. A shift from the subway tile that has been popular for years, this brick-style backsplash has old-world style and charm.

The rustic, weathered look of the backsplash in this Litchfield home hints to a time gone by. Combined with modern appliances and farmhouse-style fixtures, the backsplash brings an aged style that feels both high-end and homey at the same time.

Rustic, weathered looking tile backsplash in a Litchfield home by Wayne Homes

A Twist on Geometric

Geometric designs bring a visual pop to your floors that homeowners love. Bonus? Geometric designs are also masters at hiding dirt and stains. In the Columbia Farmhouse master shower, we used Daltile Linden Point wall tile with a stripe of earth-toned geometric tile for a unique look that is on trend and adds visual interest to the space. This geometric tile feature is a great example of the tile industry’s fresh takes on geometric, ranging from three-dimensional styles to whimsical arabesques.

Daltile Linden Point geometric tile feature in the master shower of the Columbia Farmhouse Model by Wayne Homes

Beyond the pattern on the actual tile, you can arrange tiles in interesting patterns for a more subtle geometric style statement. In the Delaware Alexandria model home kitchen, the backsplash features a herringbone pattern with neutral tiles, which puts a modern twist on a traditional style.

For more inspiration, browse our tile backsplash gallery.

Do you have some ideas for tile work you’d like to chat about? Got questions about which materials to use or how to customize? Contact us! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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