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Jan 14, 2020 Custom Home Design

Top Home Design Trends for 2020

It’s a new year, which is a great time to make some changes in your home. Whether you are building a new home or just looking to spruce up your current home, tapping into the latest trends can freshen up any space. Eric Mandil and the Wayne Homes Design Team have the scoop on what’s hot in home design for 2020.

High-end minimalism

  • Eric Mandil, the Founder of Denver-based design firm Mandil, Inc. (established in 1980), recommends being choosier with your home decor selections to highlight the best. “Be more conservative and discerning on better selections on all levels. It’s like cooking–use the best/appropriate ingredients and do the least to them and the meal will be delicious.” So, the recipe for a beautiful home is simple: do less with better-designed items and materials.

Focus on the details

  • Trim packages should not be overlooked. According to Mandil, adding quality door/window trim, molding and baseboards can make a huge difference in the character of your home.

Big textures

  • High-impact textures are all the rage. From tile to textiles, bold textures that you can see–not just feel–add dimension to your home.

Dark painted doors and trim

  • Standard white-painted doors and trim are out and dark-colored trim and doors are making their way in. The contrast lends a sense of drama to your home.

Mix old and new

  • All-new everything looks cold. Try a mix of vintage and new pieces for a home that exudes charm and character.

Earth tones

  • Warm, earthy tones are in and cool tones are out. So grab your color wheels and look for toasty tones.

Multi-functional spaces

  • Open floor plans mean multi-functional spaces are key. Consider opening up your dining space to the kitchen, creating a cooking/eating social space that everyone will enjoy spending time in. Other multi-functional spaces include double-duty office/playrooms and convertible bedrooms that can act as a guest room or an office.
  • Two-tone kitchens–Light upper cabinets with a dark base or island cabinets are still going strong. Choose a moody blue or green for the base cabinets to stay current.

Are you ready to put these trends to work in your new home? Contact us to get started–we can’t wait to help you build your dream home in 2020.

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