What Exactly Is A “Blue House Award”?
Feb 24, 2011 Custom Home Design

What Exactly Is A “Blue House Award”?

On our Facebook page last week, we had a customer who is working with Jack Rosenberger tell us how wonderful and patient he has been while they prepare for the start of their new home. She was told that Jack would receive a “Blue House award” and that everyone in our company would know how much his actions had truly mattered to her. That’s when it struck me—not everyone knows what a Blue House award is!

Wayne Homes likes to recognize teammates for their successes, both big and small. Anyone can recommend another team member or trade partner for a “blue house” – our award for ‘going the extra mile’. Those who are nominated actually receive a metallic blue house which they then proudly display on the plaque they received when they first came on board. In addition, the story of how they provided such an exceptional experience is e-mailed to everyone at Wayne Homes! Outstanding behavior deserves to be identified and recognized.

Around here, we enjoy going the extra mile internally, because that allows us to go an extra mile externally, for our patrons. On customer surveys, Wayne Homes asks an interesting, final question. (One that other builders are often afraid to ask.) “Did you have fun?” On a scale of 1 to 10, where one means: ‘Not much more fun than a root canal’; five means: ‘As much fun as doing my yearly taxes;’ and ten means: ‘Way more fun than I ever imagined’, “Did you have fun?” is a very meaningful question for our team. Why? Because Wayne Homes is a service provider…and we want everyone to have fun!

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