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Mar 14, 2019 Custom Home Design

Window Treatments That Wow

Windows do so much for a home. Besides bringing natural light into a house, windows are our visual connection to the outdoors and can set the tone for the entire home. So, it’s only fair they are dressed appropriately for such a large job. But, where to start? There are many window treatments available, so here’s our guide to determining which are right for you and your home.

Step 1: What’s your function?

To figure out the right window treatment for your home’s windows, first, consider its function. For example, a sliding window positioned in the back of the home faced towards the yard may be opened frequently to keep an eye on the kids while they play. Make it easy to watch what they are doing and give yourself full access to opening the window by avoiding fixed shutters or blinds. A semi-sheer drape might be just the ticket for this window. On the other hand, a large, dramatic window that doesn’t open can take almost any window treatment, but be sure to keep scale and style in mind (read: no mini blinds on grand two-story windows).

Step 2: Where is it located?

A window’s location is important because the treatment should match the tone of the room. A serene master bedroom window that faces east should have a treatment that helps to filter out harsh morning light while also using fabrics that go with the calming appeal of the room. Meanwhile, kitchen window treatments should be easy to clean and simple, so if a cooking disaster happens, help is just a wipe away.

Step 3: Think like a designer.

Your window treatments do not all have to match. If you’d like dramatic drapes in your great room and plantation shutters in your office, do it! Add roman blinds in the kitchen using your favorite fabric for a splash of color. Or, take a natural approach and use bamboo blinds in your sunroom. The bottom line: Variety lends a custom look and provides visual interest for every room in your home.

Pro tip: Interior designer Kelly Cappelletti, from Kelly’s Suite II, has a favorite tip for getting a dramatic look in any room. “If you are looking to add height and drama to your space, incorporate drapery panels to your windows! To really get that designer look, try installing the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as you can, suspend the drapery panels with rings and make sure they hang from floor to ceiling. This will create a comfortably dramatic space you will hate to leave!”

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