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The 2024 Dogs of Wayne Homes Calendar

Paws down…it’s our favorite time of year at Wayne Homes!

We know that your furry friends are part of the family, and you are so proud of them! Every year we ask our homeowners to send us pictures of their furry family members, so we can create the most adorable calendar of four-legged friends, and trust us–2024 will be the most “awww” inspiring year yet.

There’s no denying that our furry family members are a huge part of what makes a house a home. Each year we ask our Wayne Homes family—those who have built a home with us or are currently building a home with us—to submit photos of their canine companions. It’s one of our favorite ways we stay connected to our Wayne family. See this year’s super cute entries in our 2024 Dog Calendar Album.

It’s a tough (yet heartwarming) job…but someone’s got to do it. The Wayne Homes team loved going through all of the entries to select the finalists, and we’re thrilled to share the results with you.

2024 Wayne Homes Dog Calendar Winners:

Cover dogs – Sitka and Juneau, Samoyed

  • Humans: Mike and Julie Bazalewski
  • Built a Washington Classic


  • Large feature dog – Rusty, Golden Retriever/Husky/Blue Heeler
    • Human: Alisson Henthorn
    • Built a Washington II Family
  • Smaller inset dog – Ozzy, Aussie Doodle
    • Human: Alyson Stults
    • Built a Camden II


  • Large feature dog – Odin Harold, Golden Retriever
    • Human: Sarah Rundle
    • Built an Alexandria
  • Smaller inset dog – Raylan, German Shepherd
    • Human: Christine Curry
    • Built a Jamestown


  • Large feature dogs – Benny & Ollie – Aussie Doodle, Golden Doodle
    • Human: Megan Weber
    • Built a Columbia
  • Smaller inset dog – Maggie, Basset Hound
    • Human: Amanda Basquin
    • Built a Winchester Craftsman


  • Large feature dog – Wilson, Dachshund
    • Human: Deb Wright
    • Built a McAllister
  • Smaller inset dog – Chummy, Dachshund
    • Human: Deb Wright
    • Built a McAllister


  • Large feature dog – Henry, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    • Human: Stacy Wilson
    • Built a Hanover Smart Style
  • Smaller inset dog – Kobe, French Bulldog
    • Human: Jessica Morgan
    • Built a Montgomery


  • Large feature dog – June, Golden Retriever
    • Human: Austin Gutridge
    • Built a Bradford Classic
  • Smaller inset dog – Dixie, Black Labrador
    • Human: Natalie Warner
    • Built a Charleston Classic


  • Large feature dog – Tyson “The Terrible,” English Bulldog
    • Human: Jocelyn Flowers
    • Built a Winchester
  • Smaller inset dogs – Sheldon & Leonard, Golden Doodles
    • Human: Sarah McClung
    • Built a Jamestown II Family


  • Large feature dog – Vea, Dogue de Bordeaux
    • Human: Jennifer Musson
    • Built a Richmond Classic
  • Smaller inset dog – Benjamin, Great Pyrenees
    • Human: Emily Gardner
    • Built a Fairfax Tradition


  • Large feature dog – Stubbs, Boxer
    • Human: Erik Reid
    • Built a Lexington II
  • Smaller inset dogs – Milo & Otis, French Bulldogs
    • Human: Katie Ritchie
    • Built a Winchester Craftsman


  • Large feature dog – Max, Cane Corso
    • Human: Chrissy Morrow
    • Built a Dorchester II
  • Smaller inset dog – Hank, St Bernard
    • Human: Kelli Anderson
    • Built an Essex II


  • Large feature dog – Berkley, Boxer/Rat Terrier
    • Human: Abby Risse
    • Built a Montgomery
  • Smaller inset dog – Bella, Maltipoo
    • Human: RaeAnn Nobles
    • Built a Fairfield


  • Large feature dog – Lucy, Golden Retriever
    • Human: Kayla Stroup
    • Built an Essex Classic
  • Smaller inset dog – Rebel, German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Human: Logan Kaufman
    • Built a Washington Tradition

These adorable dogs have captured our hearts! We’re so glad we’re able to share the joy with you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Wayne Homes Dog Calendar Contest.

We love our Wayne Homes family, and this is just another way we keep in touch with the families that have become extensions of our own. We value each and every one of you, and we wish you Happy Howlidays from our family to yours.

If you requested to have a calendar mailed to you, they are at the printer and will be on their way soon!

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