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What it means to be an industry leader

When you’ve been in the homebuilding industry as long as we have here at Wayne, you see a lot of things come and go. Trends, of course, but some of those things are also builders, especially the types that operate a fly-by-night operation, promising the lowest rates but delivering equally low quality.

At Wayne, we set the bar a lot higher, and use our decades of experience as a resource every day, as we work with families to craft their perfect home. It’s incredibly valuable to have so much experience to draw upon!

One of the ways in which we balance our history and experience and the ever-changing landscape of the building industry is through continuing education and industry events. It’s one thing to call yourself an industry leader, but here at Wayne, we walk the walk!

We recently attended the Alliance Innovation Summit in Denver, to keep our minds sharp and stay on top of what’s happening in the industry. It was an incredible opportunity, and one we enjoyed a lot! Some of the topics that were explored include:

  • How evolving household dynamics and changing families affect design, construction, and even sales of homes
  • Off-site construction and robotics as a response to labor shortages and housing affordability
  • Leveraging thoughtful business strategies and digital tools for better quality management
  • Cutting-edge tech and philosophy across the industry
  • How the Internet of Things impacts everything we do
  • And lots more!

Not only was the content and discussion top notch, the company was stellar as well. It was incredibly valuable to sit down and talk with other builders in this space, hear about their challenges, share our successes, and learn from each other. Plus, we got to check out some great spots across Denver, including the craft breweries the city is known for — what’s not to love about that?

We appreciated the opportunity to attend this year’s summit, and look forward to keeping a close eye on all the exciting things taking place in our industry today!

Want to know what it’s like to work with an industry leader with Wayne first hand? We don’t blame you! Get in touch today.

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