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Sep 06, 2016 Building a Custom Home

Behind the Scenes: Master Brands Cabinets

The sheer number of details that go into designing and building a home can seem, at times, to be unending. At Wayne Homes, that’s especially true, because we spend a large amount of time and effort customizing each home to every family and individual we work with.

Because of this, we make a concerted effort to educate ourselves on specific important details of the homebuilding process, so we can inform our customers about their options in a comprehensive way. One specific area we recently spent a good amount of time learning about are cabinets, specifically our Master Brands Cabinet Maker partner.

In July, our Aristokraft cabinet distributor, Famous Supply from Akron, treated our design and sales management team to a private jet right to Jasper, Indiana, home of Master Brands Cabinetry, who makes Aristokraft cabinets.

Our goal? Give our design and sales management teams a better understanding how cabinets are made, the options available to our customers, and the quality of construction that goes into them. That way, they can better communicate that information to you!

We learned about new trends, including oak stained cabinets, as well as painted maple and birch cabinets. Plus, we got a comprehensive tour of the whole facility, and saw the process a rough piece of wood goes through from its origin to its inclusion in a completed kitchen – pretty darn cool!

Something we noticed was the thoroughness of their quality control – anyone on the line can stop the process and remove a piece of wood that is not up to Aristokraft’s standards. We also learned that each cabinet is made to order, with nothing kept in stock, and is then shipped within 24 hours!

Seeing their showroom gave our team members a ton of great ideas, and seeing their process from start to finish gave us a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into this particular piece of the homebuilding puzzle. Visit our Flickr album for a behind the scenes tour!

Cabinets can profoundly impact the look of a kitchen, so if you’re curious about how your own kitchen might look with quality Aristokraft cabinets, get in touch to explore your options today!

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