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Get Organized for Back to School Season

Teachers are beginning to gear up for a new school year, so parents should take this as their cue to do the same. You may have already received a school supply list or maybe you’ve already done a little back to school clothes shopping with your kids. But there’s so much more to be done to prepare for school. With everyone’s schedules filling up with schoolwork, play dates, after school activities and more, it’s now more important than ever to prepare your home and get organized. Make everything from getting out the door in the morning to making a plan for getting homework completed quickly, with these helpful hints.

Set Your Clocks Ahead

Underestimating time makes us late. Many of us are guilty for it. Break the cycle of habitually showing up five minutes late by setting your clocks forward 10 minutes. But shhh, don’t tell anyone, or they’ll likely fall back into the same cycle.

Optimize Closet Space

Getting ready in the morning will go much more smoothly if you plan ahead and have a great system for closet organization. Go ahead and clean out all the old clothes that don’t fit or aren’t being worn. After you’ve decluttered your kids’ closets, it’s time to get organized. Put all the tops together; bottoms go in another area. Put accessories in bins or other storage containers. Once you have everything arranged the way you want, go ahead and choose your children’s clothes for the week and hang them in a convenient place. Having everything picked out and in one place before your week even starts will save you more time than you thought possible.

Arrange Fridge and Pantry Space

After you’ve optimized your kid’s closet space, it’s time to apply that same method of thinking to the kitchen. Let’s talk packing school lunches. Use clear plastic containers in your refrigerator and pantry to store everything you need for a school lunch. This way, you don’t have to hunt for string cheese, mustard, baby carrots or whatever else in the refrigerator. It’s all conveniently in one place.

Create a Family To-Do Board

Do the girls have swim practice today, or is it horseback riding? Forget trying to keep it all in your head. Keep your family on track with a Family To-Do board—and most importantly, make sure it’s in a high traffic area. Like the kitchen. A large white board calendar is easy enough to maintain, and it allows everyone to contribute. Best of all, you can snap a photo of your Family To-Do board on your phone so you’ always know what’s going on when you’re on the go.

Make a Homework Caddy

Don’t ever let your kids tell you they can’t find something to complete their homework. Whether you choose something as basic as a pull-out cabinet drawer or are looking for something more elaborate, like a homework caddy, keep school supplies in one place.

Give Everyone Space

Dedicate a “drop zone” for every member of the family to keep book bags, coats, keys, science fair boards, soccer cleats, or whatever else is needed to get them out the door on time. Cubbies and hooks are great, and it’s all about location that is most convenient for your family to get out the door quickly. Browse through some ideas here.

As your preferred custom home builder, we go through great lengths to build you a home that has the ability to adapt to your needs through various times of the year, and back to school season is no exception. If you’re thinking of building your custom dream home with us, jot down a list of the features that would really help you keep everyone on track, and make sure you bring them in when you stop by one of our Model Home Centers to speak with our sales team.

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