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Rainy Day Fun: Family Activities

Summertime may be the best time of year for outside adventures and activities, but even the most active and outdoorsy families encounter a bad weather day once in awhile. Taking a break from high energy outdoor fun to do some indoor activities is a great opportunity to enjoy your home while having some low-key fun.

With the open floorplans found in many Wayne Homes, where the kitchens often flow into the living spaces, presents a lot of flexible space for a variety of activities. The finished basement that is available in every floorplan gives families a dedicated space for DIY fun, while larger mudrooms are perfect for messier projects, maybe those that involve planting or painting.

Here are some ideas for rainy day fun in your own Wayne Homes home.

Baking Cookies: This classic option is first for a reason; there’s nothing better than gathering up the kids for some hands-on baking, because not only do you get to enjoy each other’s company while you do the mixing, shaping and decorating, but you get some delicious treats afterward! Plus a very delicious-smelling home. Take full advantage of your open Wayne Homes kitchen, especially if it includes an island, to spread out and create stations for each young participant.

Putting on a Show: What better spot than your own great room to put on a grand show? Use blankets, old curtains and props from around the home to put on a talent show, with the grand open great room as a backdrop.

DIY Herb Garden: Head into the mudroom for some hands-on gardening fun. An indoor herb garden has lots of benefits, including providing limitless, fresh herbs and garnishes for your own cooking adventures. Each kiddo gets their own station, along with simple ceramic pots and painting supplies to decorate them and label with rosemary, mint, basil – whatever your heart desires.

Whole House Scavenger Hunt: Take full advantage of your whole home to host a scavenger hunt. Be sure to put valuable breakables away, but once that’s done, create a list of simple things to do – or find – in your home, set a time limit, and let the kids loose. Whoever checks of the most items on the list wins!

When you have an open floorplan, a generous and well designed space, and some bored kids cooped up inside, the options for indoor fun are pretty much endless! Check out our Pinterest Board for even more awesome ideas.

Discover what possibilities for rainy day fun you could have in your own custom home. Give us a call today.

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