Jun 12, 2014 Custom Home Design

Building a Custom Home: Design Spaces Just for Dad

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about rooms for dad. You’re probably familiar with the man cave, but there are at least four other manly rooms you should consider in your custom home design. For the distinguished dad, perhaps a gentleman’s study is the ticket. If dad is a car enthusiast, why not build an extra-large garage to house that vintage Mustang? Since you’re building a custom home, you could even create a room to display all of the ties from Father’s Days past.

Having a dedicated room for dad doesn’t require an extra wing on your house. It can be done affordably. In fact, most of the rooms on this list can be incorporated into a basement design. This is the beauty of building a custom home– you decide and include the rooms that are most important to your family.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular rooms for dad.

1. Man Cave

Of course, the man cave makes the list! It’s every man’s dream to be able to steal away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home and be a man. And grunt. 

Basements are great for man caves. You can customize your basement with additional soundproofing to give dad a place to let his inner rock star out or just cheer loudly for his favorite team. Your man cave doesn’t have to be dark, though! Add a variety of lighting to enhance the mood, such as colored LED lights around the floorboards or pendant lighting over a pool table.

2. Three-Car Garage

Garages are a nice perk for most, especially for those of us with a car hobby. At Wayne Homes, the possibilities for a custom garage are practically endless! One of our favorites is the 3-car garage on the Winchester Family home. This craftsman style home features an attractive and unusual angle for the third garage.

If you only have two cars, you can still implement a three-car garage into your design and use the extra space for Dad’s workshop. 

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Most moms are territorial about the indoor kitchen, but sometimes dads want to cook, too. Most of the time, that menu consists of hot dogs, ribs, and steak. So, why not create a dedicated outdoor kitchen for dad? Equip the space with all of the conveniences of indoor kitchens– include a grill, a fridge, and sink. It’s a good idea to keep the outdoor kitchen close to the indoor kitchen, ifin case dad needs to raid the indoor pantry.

4. Movie Theater

A movie theater isn’t just for movies! Dad can watch all of the big games in armchair luxury with his own in-home movie theater. To create the perfect mood, paint the walls a darker color, and choose an area of your home without windows for best viewing. Complete the room with comfortable chairs and a portable popcorn machine for an authentic theater experience.

5. Bar

For many dad’s, entertaining the buddies doesn’t include a formal living or dining room. Dads need something more casual. So why not build him a bar? This rooms fits perfectly into a basement area. Include a mini-fridge, a sink, and comfortable seats with backs for reclining. (It’s the perfect place to hang out as a family, too.)

Now that you’ve taken a look at just a few room ideas for Dad, create your own! You can choose a floor plan and start designing online, immediately! View our interactive floor plansvirtual tours, and Flickr page for even more ideas. 

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