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Decks and Porches for Outdoor Living

Enjoy Outdoor Living with a Deck or Porch

Spring weather makes us all think of sunny days spent outside. This is the ideal time of the year for porch parties, deck days, and soaking in the perfect weather. In fact, having an outdoor space is one of the most highly requested features in a new or existing home.

Decks and porches add square footage to your living space, creating a desirable outdoor area for entertaining, grilling, or relaxing. This translates to increased enjoyment of your property and can be a major selling point to potential buyers. Studies show that decks and porches offer a high return on investment, recouping a significant portion of their installation cost when you sell your home. So, not only do they enhance your own lifestyle, but they can also be a smart financial decision.

A deck or porch can be your personal outdoor oasis. Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee on your porch swing, listening to the birds, and feeling the morning breeze. Throughout the day, you can relax on comfortable furniture with a good book or enjoy meals al fresco with friends and family. In the evenings, grill up your favorite food and stargaze from the comfort of your deck. Decks and porches blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, letting you extend your living space and relish the fresh air without leaving the comfort of your home.

Are you dreaming of an outdoor space you’ll love? We have some suggestions for how you can enhance your connection to the outdoors with the right materials, setting, and surroundings.

Inside-Outdoor Connection

You can transform your home into a haven that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Large windows and sliding glass doors are a fantastic starting point, washing your space with natural light and offering expansive views of your backyard. Nothing invites the outdoors in like big, beautiful glass doors. Whether you choose a sliding glass door, French door, or a fully retractable accordion door, these are great to invite an open connection from your home to the outdoor living space.

To further the connection, extend your interior design scheme onto your deck or patio. Use similar colors, furniture styles, and materials to create a cohesive flow. Introduce potted plants on both sides of the threshold, blurring the line between inside and out. Finally, string outdoor lights to create a magical ambiance that invites you to linger on the porch long after sunset.

Another idea for creating that indoor-outdoor connection is a window with an outdoor eat ledge–you can serve up delicious eats for your al fresco meals. And, if you have a beautiful deck or porch, or–even better–a stunning view, glass doors give you the perfect vantage point to enjoy it.

Create a Defined Space

A deck or porch creates a perfectly defined space for your outdoor living. Whether it’s living, dining, or an outdoor kitchen, the opportunities are endless. The deck or porch can anchor a larger space or multilevel area. Building a deck is a perfect place for a dining table, which can lead to a fire pit area or outdoor kitchen area. Covered porch areas are perfect for outdoor living rooms with wall-mounted TVs. Think comfy, cozy, and stylish.

Your deck or patio can be more than just a flat surface; it can become a designated room in your outdoor living space. Think about how you’ll use the area. For a dining area, consider building a raised deck with a defined border of pavers or stones. This creates a separation from the grassy part of your yard and sets the stage for an outdoor table and chairs. Privacy screens or strategically planted shrubs can further define the space and add a touch of enclosure. The result? A charming and functional outdoor room perfect for enjoying meals under the open sky.

Use Quality, Sustainable Materials

Read this outdoor living guide by TimberTech, a Wayne Homes supplier.

Wayne Homes has partnered with TimberTech to provide the best in composite decking to our homeowners. TimberTech is a leading provider of sustainable decking materials that enhances your outdoor living spaces with durability and beauty.

TimberTech transforms hundreds of millions of pounds of landfill-bound waste and scrap into beautiful, low-maintenance, long-lasting decking products each year. With decking engineered from 60-85% recycled content, TimberTech’s outdoor living products outperform wood, and help homeowners create nature-inspired, sustainable outdoor living spaces that let them live their best lives outdoors for decades to come.

Even more incredible features of TimberTech decking:

  • Natural, nuanced beauty
  • Impressive durability for a long lifespan
  • Long-term value with minimal maintenance
  • A more sustainable choice that’s better for you and the planet

No matter what your vision is for your deck or porch, Wayne Homes can help you achieve it when you build a new home with us.

And, the great news is–when you incorporate an outdoor space into your new build plan, it is much more cost effective than trying to add it on later. It’s a win-win!

Learn more about how we can help create the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today.

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