Mystery Solved
Feb 07, 2012 Custom Home Design

Mystery Solved

‘How does Wayne Homes de-mystify custom home building?’

Here is the three-part answer: we listen; we ask; then we listen again.

We know that many of our customers are experienced home owners; and that they want some very specific features in their new, custom home. Our marketing and sales folks know that we do not build for target groups, we only build for individuals. This means that we must discover exactly what each person wants in their new home, one by one, and take nothing for granted!

To do this, Wayne Homes uses a unique tool we call The Value List. It helps us learn what’s most and least important for each individual. Using it ensures that the husband and the wife each get what they want, plus some of those wouldn’t-it-be-nice-if wishes too.  In conclusion, the Value List tells our teammates exactly what to deliver, and helps us create an outstanding building experience.

‘What’s the secret to making it easy and fun?‘    

The right people. Wayne Homes is a team of very talented, very special folks who know that we can’t treat our customers any better than we treat ourselves. So every day we focus on making it fun at work. That’s the reason we’re able to deliver equally outstanding experiences to all our customers. The result? Almost half of our sales come from customer referrals. People continually tell us they had way more fun than they ever imagined!

‘How would you describe your mission?’

Our mission is simple:

  • Deliver outstanding customers experiences;
  • Do a great job; and
  • Get better every day.

Creating a great work atmosphere makes it fun for both our teammates and our customers. We always focus on more than just the home itself; we believe you deserve an awesome experience too.

We call Wayne Homes’ custom building process ‘Your home, on your lot, your way.’ Doing a great job means we deliver everything we promised, on time and on budget.

The third part of our mission, getting better every day, means that all the good we accomplished yesterday, won’t be good enough tomorrow. We hate to stand still. All three parts of our mission make it fun to work for, and with, Wayne Homes!

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