Jun 22, 2017 Custom Home Design

Our top tips for an incredible Summer party!

Who doesn’t love a good backyard party? Now that the days are at nearly their longest and the temperature is basically perfect, it’s time for you to start planning your upcoming Summer party!

Whether you like to go low-key and casual or knock it out of the park with an over the top experience, there’s nothing like some tips and inspiration to get your wheels turning. Here are some top tips for creating a memorable Summer get-together, and how to highlight your stunning outdoor spaces while you do so.

Create a smart indoor/outdoor flow. Depending on how many people are joining you, it’s smart to utilize both indoor and outdoor spaces for your gathering. Plus, having an indoor space can be great for moms with young children or the elderly, if they want to escape the sun and heat. Clear pathways to make the flow easy and unobstructed, and place items of interest – decoration, food, drink, or otherwise – along your designated “route.”

Keep the menu simple and outdoor-friendly. One way to make this even easier is to task your guests with bringing their own dishes, but even if you prefer to do all the prep, it’s smart to keep the choices on the simple side. Think handhelds that don’t require lots of utensils, one-bite snacks, and drinks in stable, non-tip-prone (plastic) cups.

Create a sunscreen and bug spray station. Use a metal tin, decorate it with some cute but simple signage, and provide a variety of sprays, lotions, and other products to ensure your guests stay comfortable, safe, and sunburn-free.

Create some simple, recognizable, outdoor-friendly games. Cutting up a few 2×4’s gives you a massive Jenga set that’s sure to please. A kiddie pool, hula hoop, and bubble soap yields a bubble-making spot the kids won’t want to leave. A few bags of sand and two boards with holes in them gives your guests a chance to compete in cornhole. All of these are incredibly cheap — and incredibly fun!

Create an ethereal ambiance. It’s easier than you think! String lights, or tiny LED lights, gathered into tin cans with holes punched in them, or in mock plastic mason jars, add an element of whimsy to your outdoor space. Couple it with some simple signage and you’ve got a perfectly quaint experience anyone would appreciate.

Planning a party can seem overwhelming, but with these tips, you’re sure to throw a bash your friends and family will be talking about for years to come!

Does your home have the perfect outdoor space for the perfect Summer bash? No? Well, we can help with that! Give us a call!

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