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Jun 02, 2020 Custom Home Design

The Great Debate: Neutral Vs. Bold Colors

It’s an age-old debate: go bold or stay neutral. Neutral colors are always in style, and they are easy to build your home’s decor upon. Bold colors make an impact that more neutral tones just simply can’t. So, which one should you choose for your home? That’s this month’s Great Debate. Let’s break down how to nail each look:

A neutral living room in the Richmond CraftsmanNeutral Color Scheme:

Use multiple shades of one color:

Grab a paint color swatch, and use all the tones, from light to dark. It will let you add variety into your color scheme without actually straying from the base tone.

Lighter, brighter, bigger:

Lighter, brighter neutrals tones throw more light around a room, making it appear larger and airier.

Classic makes a great base:

Neutrals are classic and nondescript, so they are a great foundation for any decorating style. When you have neutral tones as your base, you can update decor, rugs, fabrics, and furniture to add in color and incorporate trends without a big commitment.

Use tone-on-tone for a sophisticated look:

When you layer tone-on-tone neutrals, the resulting looks are sleek and sophisticated, without being too stuffy.

Layer in texture:

Vary the textures of your furnishings, adding in nubby knits, fuzzy rugs, something woven and even some hits of metallic to keep a neutral room from feeling blah.

  • Neutral color scheme pro: Easy to nail this look and has universal appeal.
  • Neutral color scheme con: Can come across as boring if you don’t add in some flair.

Bedroom in the Kinston Homestead IIBold Color Scheme:

Pick an anchor color:

Choose a color scheme from the largest pattern in the space to tie patterns and textures together.

Reserve the boldest color for your walls:

Nothing makes an impact like a vibrant wall color…so save your brightest and best for your wall space.

Use a secondary bold color for decor:

Pick another strong color to complement and use it in groupings, collections, fabrics and rugs.

Bring it all together with patterns:

Use multi-colored art and patterns to tie all the colors together.

  • Bold color scheme pro: Creates an impact that elevates any room’s style.
  • Bold color scheme con: Too many colors can overwhelm a space and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Can’t decide? Try both!

  • If you love the look of neutral walls and furniture but still want to express your creative side, a neutral color scheme with pops of color accessories is a great choice. Try neutral walls and a neutral couch paired with bright throw pillows, rug, and lamps.

See it for yourself: Our Akron-Medina Columbia Model is the perfect example of neutrals with pops of color–blue curtains and green plants really stand out against the neutral base.

Do you have some design ideas for your new home? Contact us to share them with us and get started.

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