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Aug 04, 2022 Custom Home Design

The Wayne Homes Guide to Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are one of the most used tools in your home. Although you may not give much thought to it, when you are building a new home with Wayne Homes, you definitely should. When you design your own custom-on-your-lot home with Wayne, you have the opportunity to create your home exactly the way you want it. That means everything can be customized…right down to the kitchen sink.

Let’s take a closer look at the different shapes and styles:

  • Single bowl
  • Double bowl
    • 50/50 (both sides of the sink are equal size)
    • 60/40 (one side of the sink is slightly larger than the other)
  • Farmhouse – single bowl apron front sinks

Once you know what type of sink you want, you must select which sink material you want. Here are the pros and cons of each available sink material:

Stainless steel

  • One of the most durable materials available – does not chip, crack, or peel and is resistant to stains
  • Neutral in color which goes with most decor styles
  • Available in drop-in or undermount install options
  • Most affordable sink style
Double bowl kitchen sinks
Double bowl undermount stainless steel sink with quartz countertop

Granite – Wayne Homes offers Silgranit kitchen sinks

  • Silgranit is a composite material made of up to 80% quartz sand, the strongest component of granite
  • Silgranit sinks have a stone-like feel and are extremely easy to clean
  • Come in a variety of colors; easy to match up with all decor styles
  • Highly stain resistant
  • Silgranit can handle high temperatures
Single bowl kitchen sinks
Single bowl Blanco Silgranit drop-in sink with laminate countertops

Enameled cast iron (Kohler white farmhouse kitchen sinks)

  • Crafted from enameled cast iron, this sink resists chipping, cracking, or burning for years of beauty and reliable performance
  • Available in different colors to meet any design style

Once you’ve decided what kind of sink you want, you’ll need to select how you want that sink to be installed with your countertops. A drop-in sink is installed from above, while an undermount sink requires enough space to install from below. Mounting brackets hold the sink against the countertop, with caulk sealing the transition from counter to sink.

Farmhouse kitchen sinks
Farmhouse (apron front) sink undermounted with granite countertop

Mounting/countertop installation options:

  • Drop-in sinks (for laminate or solid surface countertops)
  • Undermount sinks (for solid surface countertops only)
  • Integrated sinks (seamless undermount sinks for laminate countertops only)

If you have a certain sink in mind, be sure to ask the design team at Wayne Homes to be sure it can be installed the way you want it to look with your selected countertops. Some sinks are able to be installed as both drop-in and undermount, depending on the countertop material. Other sink options can only be installed as drop-in or undermount so the correct countertop material must be selected in order to accommodate these sinks.

This brings up an important selection–your countertops! Countertop material determines which types of sinks can be selected due to the ways they are mounted/installed with the countertop.

We know we’ve given you a lot of food for thought with all these kitchen sink options, so try out our handy online tools to help you visualize exactly how your sink will look in your kitchen.

Do you have a specific question about sinks, kitchens, or the overall design process? Give the pros a call!

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Disclaimer: The details of this blog are accurate as of the publish date, but are subject to change.

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