Times change… and so has Wayne Homes!
Mar 08, 2011 Custom Home Design

Times change… and so has Wayne Homes!

After almost twenty years, I let my beard grow in this winter. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too surprised when it came in the same color as the winter snow—it merely matches what I’ve had ‘on top’ since I was in my late 30’s. Now I beg you for some latitude—we graybeards should be able to reminisce about the old days without getting too much flak! So here goes…

I joined Wayne Homes twenty-five years ago. At the time, we were both nationally and locally known as the best-in-class builder of starter homes. Our motto was ‘More House, Less Money”. In those days of the late eighties / early nineties, our designs were ‘classic’; the two-stories, ranches and split-levels had straightforward elevations, and nothing was too fancy. Why? Complexity added costs and we wished to keep our base prices low, so it’s no wonder we rarely customized. Our focus was to offer low prices, so we limited changes and maximized square footage. Back then, the secret was simplicity; and marketing was also one dimensional–lowest possible cost.

Times change; people change; and Wayne Homes changed too. The Baby Boomer generation developed wide-ranging tastes, and in so doing revolutionized marketing. Value is no longer broad-based; it’s become personal. Don’t we work hard in order to get what’s important to us and our families? Then please don’t treat us like stereotypes! We want custom answers to our custom needs. And don’t forget, how we are treated is now just as important as what is offered!

Design simplicity is indeed a thing from the past, and Wayne Homes has responded to the market’s changes. Today, we specialize in listening to every request; crafting what our move-up customers envision; and providing an outstanding experience every step of the way. Take a peek at our latest ‘customization celebration’ and see what our patrons have cooked up! They sent us pictures of their Craftsman elevations, their multiple gables, their one-of-a-kind interiors and exteriors. Marble, granite, stone; unique and beautiful spaces, all designed by our customers’ wish lists.

Click here to learn more about our customization celebration.

Wayne Homes now creates personally customized, yet surprisingly affordable homes, built on your lot. We may no longer be the lowest price around, but we remain the best total value. How? Our blueprint is straightforward: first we find out exactly what ingredients you want, then our ‘chefs’ expertly prepare your custom order while adding liberal amounts of fun. It’s an award-winning recipe!

Dave Logsdon

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