March - warm weather tips
Apr 29, 2021 Custom Home Design

Warm Weather Tips

Tips for staying cool as the weather warms up

The weather is warming up, and we’re here for it! The grass is getting greener, the flowers in bloom, and inevitably the temperature gauge is starting to go up. In preparation for the warmer weather, we wanted to share our favorite tips for staying cool as the heat increases, and how to get the most out of your custom Wayne home.

  • Adjust Ceiling Fans: Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise in summer to push air straight down helping to create a cooling effect.
  • Do Laundry at Night: Laundry machines throw off a lot of heat. The washer is running hot water, and driers are obviously using heated air which inevitably escapes and radiates out from the machine.
  • Build your dream outdoor space with Wayne Homes!

    Skip the Oven: Any use of the oven or even the stove-top is going to heat your home. Why not use the grill instead? With Wayne Homes, you can plan amazing outdoor living space when you build your custom home, so cooking and dining al fresco in the summer months is a snap.

  • Change Your Filter: A dirty filter reduces air quality and airflow efficiency, so be sure to change yours regularly. Snap a picture of your filter size and pick up a few when you hit the hardware store.
  • Cotton Bedding: Time to trade out that heavy winter bedding for cool, crisp cotton sheets and quilts. This will keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Close the Blinds: During the warmest parts of the day, where the sun shines most prominently on your home, keep your blinds and curtains drawn to avoid solar energy from making its way into your home. This solar heat can be powerful and tough to dissipate, so this simple tip can go a long way in keeping cooling costs low.
  • Planting shade-producing trees around your Wayne Home is a great way to beat the heat!

    Create Some Shade: Love landscaping? Plan on being in your home for many years to come? (We hope so if it’s a Wayne home!) Well, planting shade-producing trees is not only a fun way to get outside and get your hands dirty. Focus on the south and west sides of your home for the greatest impact.

  • Get Tech-Savvy to Save Money: Programmable or smart thermostats are a great way to save money because they let you set specific times of the day or they learn when the air conditioning should go on and off based on your behavior. That way you aren’t wasting energy during times when the family is out of the house. Several of our home options here at Wayne include these smart thermostats and are also available as an upgrade.

Using high-quality building materials is another way to keep your house cool and comfortable. If you’re building with Wayne, you’re in luck, because we have a whole host of energy-efficient options, including:

  • Carrier® 96% high-efficiency 2-stage furnace
  • Carrier® 14+ SEER central air conditioning
  • Carrier® high-efficiency media air filter
  • Insulated 50-gallon electric water heater
  • Insulated sheathing with OSB bracing
  • Alpha Pro Tech REX™ weather-resistant housewrap to further reduce moisture and air infiltration
  • R-49 ceiling insulation
  • R-19 wall insulation
  • LED light bulbs for all fixtures
  • Pella® Encompass vinyl windows with NaturalSun LowE insulating double-pane glass that meets and/or exceeds Energy Star Standards
  • R-10 insulated foam board atop 2’ of interior unfinished basement walls

By building smart with Wayne, and adopting some of these habits, you can ensure a comfortable and welcoming home all months of the year!

Ready to build an energy-efficient new home with Wayne? Get in touch today to talk about all the options.

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