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Our Favorite 2014 Blue House Awards

People who work for Wayne Homes go above and beyond. As a custom homebuilder, we all strive to provide an exceptional customer experience, but we like to give that same great service to our team members as well. To recognize teammates for their successes, both big and small, Wayne Homes created the Blue House Awards. Here are some of our favorite nominations for the 2014 Blue House Awards.

Jumping In Head-First

Hilary Barbuto nominated Jessica Henry for a Blue House Award for being such a “rock star”. “Jessica has been working nights, weekends and pretty much whenever our customers say ‘jump’,” Hilary said. “She is always accommodating and our customers always come first for her. Many have said how much they enjoy the time they get to spend with her planning their new homes.” We’re glad Jessica is there to jump in whenever possible. Congrats!

After Hours Care

Alex Moore received a Blue House Award from Andrea Erb, a New Home Consultant for Wayne Homes. Alex went out of his way to delight a family that had traveled from Marietta, Ohio, to see the McAllister model but were accidentally sent to the Portage Model Center. “The family was upset that they were not going to make it to the correct Model Center before they closed, so I made a call to the Akron office and Alex came to the rescue,” Andrea said. Alex volunteered to stay late to allow the family to see the model without having to make a separate trip.

A Personal Tour

Todd Mowrer received a Blue House Award from Jen Collinsworth for going the extra mile. “Todd made such a great impression while working with the Reynolds family that their decision to build another home was made without reservation, and Wayne Homes was their only choice,” Jen said. “They reached out to Todd after looking at a few of our ranch plans. The Montgomery was one of their favorites, so Todd invited them to tour his Montgomery home to solidify their decision.” After the tour, the Reynolds family loved it so much they are beginning the process to design their own.

Just a Call Away

Jeffrey Stanish nominated Steve Stepanovich for a Blue House Award because he was ready to help, no matter what. “Recently we were reviewing the On-Call schedule to make sure we didn’t have someone on vacation while they were scheduled to be on call. We noticed there were two weeks scheduled with conflicting vacation times and on-call schedules. Without hesitation, Steve volunteered to be on call for those weeks,” Jeffrey said. It’s that selflessness and commitment to Wayne Homes’ core values that make Steve such an asset to the company.

True Teamwork

Kim Elmore, former Sales Manager, gave Kristi Eynon a Blue House Award for being a team player. “Myself and another coworker had a customer come in to do a Next Step appointment with me, then a colors appointment with her,” Kim said. “The appointment took longer than expected, and my coworker Heidi had to be pulled away for a family emergency and couldn’t do the colors appointment.” Kim already had another appointment scheduled, so she couldn’t do it either. “Without hesitation, Kristi stepped in and ran the colors appointment, which lasted several hours, and the customer even sent a note thanking her,” Kim said. Now, that’s teamwork!

From One Jen to Another…

Jen Nowakowski, New Home Consultant, gave her coworker Jennifer (Jen) Neese a Blue House Award because she is always willing to help out. “I have a couple who have wanted to see a Yorktown for months and are willing to drive to see one. Jen took time out of her busy schedule to show them one under construction. I didn’t even have to ask—she just volunteered to do this all on her own, knowing how badly they wanted to see the house,” Jen said. This is just one example of how Jennifer goes above and beyond. Adds Jen, “I’ve joked with her before that I wish she worked in my office, but we both agree that two Jen’s is too many, and neither of us wants to be ‘Jenny’!”

Open House, Helpful Attitude

Greg Brown, Sales Manager, recognized Todd Orr for all of his help with an Open House event by giving him a Blue House Award. “At our Washington open house, Todd helped the home look great. The homeowners are very happy, and it was easy to see that Todd had created a great relationship with them. He showed up at the home at 7 a.m. that morning to make sure everything was perfect, and he even took some pictures for the Marketing Department. At the end of the day, Todd learned that one of our customers visiting the open house was looking at land about a mile away. Without hesitating, he offered to go with them to look at the lot,” Greg said. Thanks to Todd’s enthusiasm, everyone was happy.

About Wayne Homes

Wayne Homes is a custom homebuilder in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, and West Virginia (see all Model Home Centers). We offer 40 fully customizable floorplans and a team dedicated to providing the best experience in the home building industry. For more information, Ask Julie by Live Chat or call us at (866) 253-6807.

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