Dog Calendar 2023
Dec 06, 2022 News and Events

The 2023 Dogs of Wayne Homes Calendar

It’s that time of the year…the time when we get to show off our pawsitively perfect Dogs of Wayne Homes!

Every year we ask our homeowners to send us pictures of their furry family members, so we can create the most adorable calendar of four-legged friends, and trust us–2023 will be the cutest year yet.

There’s no denying that our furry family members are a huge part of what makes a house a home. Each year we ask our Wayne Homes family—those who have built a home with us or are currently building a home with us—to submit photos of their canine companions. It’s one of our favorite ways we stay connected to our Wayne family. We think it’s safe to say this year’s entries are the cutest we’ve seen yet.

It’s a tough (yet heartwarming) job…but someone’s got to do it. The Wayne Homes team loved going through all of the entries to select the finalists, and we’re thrilled to share the results with you.

Here are the Wayne Homes Dogs of 2023:

Dogs of Wayne Homes: Cover, Jan, Feb, Mar

Cover dog – Sarge, German Shepherd

  • Human: Emily Pollock
  • Built a Cedar Hill Homestead


  • Large feature dog – Scrappy Doo, French Bulldog
    • Human: Steve Fries
    • Built a Lexington Classic
  • Smaller inset dog – Hemi, Australian Shepherd
    • Human: Stacy Kelly
    • Built a Cedar Hill Homestead


  • Large feature dogs – Baylee & Bonnee, Jack Russell Terrier Mix & Pug/Beagle/Chihuahua mix
    • Humans: Pamela & Harry Mason
    • Built a Dorchester II Farmhouse
  • Smaller inset dog – Ollie, Golden Doodle
    • Human: Megan Weber
    • Built a Columbia Farmhouse


  • Large feature dog – Fern (Fernie), Basset Hound
    • Humans: Jay & Dawn Fischer
    • Built a Providence II Craftsman
  • Smaller inset dog – Lincoln, Stetland Sheepdog
    • Human: Linda Rodman
    • Built an Alexandria Legacy

Dogs of Wayne Homes: Apr, May, Jun


  • Large feature dog – Cheddar, Welsh Pembroke Corgi
    • Human: Christine Pritchard
    • Built an Annapolis Classic
  • Smaller inset dog – Max, Miniature Bernedoodle
    • Human: Alexandria Newell
    • Built a Cumberland Family


  • Large feature dog – Maggie, Terrier
    • Human: Cathy Erisman
    • Built a McAllister Family
  • Smaller inset dog – Harley, Australian Shepherd
    • Human: Pam Buchwald
    • Built a Somerville Classic


  • Large feature dog – Katy, Miniature Dachshund
    • Human: Chris Rosnick
    • Built a Cedar Hill Craftsman
  • Smaller inset dog – Tyson, European Boxer
    • Human: Patrick Toole
    • Built a McAllister Family

Dogs of Wayne Homes:Jul, Aug, Sep


  • Large feature dog – Blu, Golden/Lab
    • Human: Sarah Brickman
    • Built a Charleston Classic
  • Smaller inset dog – Tater, French Bulldog
    • Human: Jennifer Davis
    • Built a Hartford II Classic


  • Large feature dog – Crosby, Vizsla
    • Human: Sandy Jordan
    • Built a Somerville
  • Smaller inset dogs – Remi & Jake, French Bulldog and Shepherd Akita Mix
    • Human: Chris Repak
    • Built a Hampton Family


  • Large feature dog – Gunner, Lab
    • Human: Jessica Maxwell
    • Built a Brookline Tradition
  • Smaller inset dog – Luna, American Staffordshire
    • Human: Heather Jones
    • Built a McAllister Family

Dogs of Wayne Homes: Oct, Nov, Dec


  • Large feature dog – Ruger & Remi, Beagle Mix
    • Human: Samantha Shaw
    • Built a Cumberland Family
  • Smaller inset dog – Ginger, Shih-Tzu
    • Human: Ronald Clark
    • Built a Richmond II Craftsman


  • Large feature dog – Egbert, Mini Dachshund
    • Human: Cindy Moulder
    • Built an Alexandria Craftsman
  • Smaller inset dog – Korra, Retriever Mix
    • Human: Kristina Healy
    • Built a Stafford Family


  • Large feature dogs – Lola & Willow, Boxer & French Bulldog
    • Human: Ryan Calcei
    • Built a Montgomery
  • Smaller inset dog – Dax, Australian Shepherd
    • Human: Johnna Kaiser
    • Built a Washington Tradition/Craftsman

To view all of the dogs, check out our photo album.

Eddie & Charlie

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Wayne Homes Dog Calendar Contest. We love our Wayne Homes family, and this is just another way we keep in touch with the families that have become extensions of our own. We value each and every one of you, and we wish you Happy Howlidays from our family to yours.

If you requested to have a calendar mailed to you, they are at the printer and will be on their way soon! If you’d like one, please contact us. Quantities are limited!

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Disclaimer: The details of this blog are accurate as of the publish date, but are subject to change.

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