Featured Raving Fan of the Month: Mark and Peggy Caputo

Every month, we feature some very special Wayne homeowners who are gracious enough to share their homebuilding journeys with us. At Wayne Homes, we believe the relationships we build as we build homes together don’t end at closing. We keep in touch with our homeowners not only to be able to share... [read more]

Wayne Walkthrough: The McDowell

 We’re back with another Wayne Walkthrough. This time, we are featuring the McDowell. This floor plan is designed to make you feel right at home. The thoughtful design of the McDowell has a natural flow from one space to the next that feels welcoming, spacious, and private at the same time.... [read more]

The Great Debate: Neutral Vs. Bold Colors

It’s an age-old debate: go bold or stay neutral. Neutral colors are always in style, and they are easy to build your home’s decor upon. Bold colors make an impact that more neutral tones just simply can’t. So, which one should you choose for your home? That’s this month’s Great Debate.... [read more]

Raving Fan of the Month: The Frederick Family

We believe that the best way to hear about Wayne Homes and the building experience is from families who have walked in those shoes. Shoes very similar to your own. So, while we could talk about everything from construction to warranties all day long, we think you’d rather hear it from one of our... [read more]

Quarantine Gardening 101

Being stuck at home during quarantine has put a spotlight on home and garden to-do items that you want to tackle. If you’re like the rest of the country, you’ve been ordering mulch, getting on your gardening gloves and making some backyard magic happen. If you’ve had “grow something” on... [read more]

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