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2024 Spring Home Design Trends

The design team at Wayne Homes has put together an easy at-a-glance guide to 2024 Spring Home Design Trends.

Spring has sprung, and it often inspires homeowners to spruce up their home with the season’s trends. The design team at Wayne Homes has put together an easy at-a-glance guide to 2024 Spring Home Design Trends.

Interior Design

Color Me Happy

Don’t be afraid to use color throughout your home. If you love a bright color, paint the whole room that shade! Or, try a patterned wallpaper in your favorite colors. Not ready for a full-wall commitment? Try decorating with fun furnishings and accessories in a bold palette.

Unique Planters

Bringing greenery indoors is wonderful for air quality, and it brings a burst of fresh green to your decor. Don’t skimp on your planters–it takes decorating with plants to a new level. Try antique or aged planters for an on-trend look.

Reflective Finishes

An easy way to make your home feel lighter and brighter is by using reflective finishes. Outside of standalone mirrors, you can try mirrored or lacquered furnishings and decor that reflect light.

Highlighting Bookcases

Who doesn’t love a good book? Try showcasing them in a beautiful bookcase. You can further highlight your bookcase by painting the back of the bookshelves a different color, or line them with fun wallpaper.

Spring Home Design Trends

Love Your Lighting

The right lighting can transform the feel, as well as the look, of a space. Branch out from the norm with bold shapes and silhouettes that take your home design to the next level. Or, try new textures that invite you to reach out and touch. When you love your lighting, you’ll love your home. Look for scallops and dome shapes in your lighting to create a striking, trendy focal point.

Backsplashes That Pack a Punch

Your backsplash is a great way to bring color or texture to your kitchen. A new trend designers are seeing is installing a slab of stone or quartz behind the range or cooktop, while keeping the surrounding backsplash areas tiled to create visual drama and variance. This look gives the kitchen a vertical display of graphic veining or other interesting details to create a striking focal point that’s easy to wipe clean.

Spring Home Design Trends

Exterior Design

Outdoor Living Areas

Design trends aren’t limited to the interior of your home. Outdoor living is an important part of your home’s experience. To create an inviting and relaxing outdoor area, consider creating “vignettes” within your yard. For example, have an outdoor kitchen and dining area for dining al fresco, then a separate area for a fire pit, and a different spot for relaxing on comfy outdoor furniture. Bring your personality and style in with fixtures and furniture colors.

Large-Scale Plants

Planting large-scale options like evergreen shrubs or ornamental grasses will bring visual interest to your home’s exterior with less maintenance than you’d find with smaller plants.

Spring Home Design Trends

Vertical Space

Draw the eye up with trellises or vertical planters. These allow you to have the design and beauty of a garden without consuming too much ground space, and you can extend your garden’s colors upward for a unique yard visual.

Greenery Between Pavers

Add interest to your hardscape by adding in greenery tucked between pavers. Paths and patios made of pavers separated by ground cover have gained popularity due to their classic, natural look and versatility. This approach softens pathways and breaks up large expanses of hardscape.

If you’re hatching plans for your outdoor spaces, be sure to snap some pictures of the end result and submit to our annual Wayne Homes Landscape Contest, which runs May 20-June 28.

More info to come–stay tuned! Use these exterior trends to get a jump on the competition.

If you’re ready to incorporate these trends into a new Wayne home, contact us! We are here to help.

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