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Ask the Production Administrator

Wayne Homes Production Administrators (PA) are the point of contact for our homeowners after they’ve completed their color selection and lot inspection/pre-construction meetings with their Design Consultant. PAs assist homeowners with their bank process, permitting, zoning, lot prep, etc. to help them get ready to start construction on their new homes.

Each of our office locations has the support of a Production Administrator.

The PA team includes Katie Dehnke, Sarah Sibert, Natasha Hughes, Taylor Green, Deonna Swezey, and Kerri Voges. Each of these team members provides outstanding support and customer service. The Wayne Homes family is grateful for their attention to detail, organization and commitment to excellence.

We asked our Production Administrator team what the most frequently asked questions are, and they provided their expert responses.

Our PA team has a wealth of knowledge, and they understand the process, from design to construction, inside and out. Learn from the best!

Ask a Wayne Homes Production Administrator: FAQs

How do I find out what my lot setbacks or deed restrictions are?

Reach out to your zoning inspector, or your HOA, to find setback and deed restrictions. —KATIE DEHNKE

When is my dig date? Why do we have to wait so long to dig?

Right after completing the design meetings, your dig date is tentative and based off of a typical schedule. This can fluctuate depending on how quickly you close at the bank, complete site work, secure permits, etc. As we move through the process, your Production Administrator keeps you updated. We try to schedule your dig at a time that will allow the entire construction process to flow as smoothly as possible and allow all of the work to be completed on time. We also need time to review your change orders and prints as thoroughly as possible prior to dig to ensure everything is correct and your home is just as it should be. Remember, we’re working on building your forever home and we don’t want to rush into it. Trust the process. —NATASHA HUGHES

Can you start construction in the winter?

Absolutely! Wayne Homes has mastered the science when it comes to building, even in cold weather. —SARAH SIBERT

Now that I’ve finished my color selections and pre-construction meeting, what should I do next?

Your Production Administrator will reach out over the phone to discuss what we both need to accomplish, as a team, to get you to your dig date. This is different for every homeowner because each homesite is a little different. So we’ll work together to determine what needs to be completed for your specific home and land. —TAYLOR GREEN

When do I start my loan process? What do I need to do/submit?

After your design meetings are complete, your prints and change order(s) will go through a review process with the Wayne Homes team to ensure that everything looks top-notch before submitting any documents to the bank. We do ask that you allow us about 2 weeks for your documents to make it through the full review process. Once this is complete, your PA will send your bank package to your loan officer, Then your loan officer should be in contact with you to make final application and/or let you know about anything else they may need from you. —NATASHA HUGHES

Do I have to be closed on my loan to start working on my permits or lot prep?

Once your loan is closed you are free to work on lot prep. It’s best to wait until after loan closing to begin lot prep so there aren’t any issues that would interfere with your bank process or appraisal. Permits can be worked on once your permitting prints (prints drawn specifically to be submitted for permits) have been completed. Your PA will let you know when those are received. —SARAH SIBERT

How do I find information for my property – what permits I need to obtain, water/sewer tap-ins, septic/well, etc.?

First, confirm what jurisdiction your property is located in. From there, most building departments have a website with tons of info, or you can call to say you plan to start construction on a new home and would like info on their permit process. —KATIE DEHNKE

How do I find companies to hire to do tree clearing, land prep, well/septic installation, surveying, etc.? Do I have to use companies Wayne Homes recommends?

We have a list of contractors we have worked with in the past and who are familiar with the Wayne Homes process. These contractors know what we need in order to get you ready for dig day. If you know of another contractor you would prefer to work with instead, you are absolutely able to work with anyone of your choice! —TAYLOR GREEN

Why doesn’t Wayne Homes set up my utilities, zoning, land prep, etc.?

As an on-your-lot builder, your home and land/homesite are in your name. This means that Wayne Homes can’t apply for utilities or permits. But we can assist you along the way with getting your utilities & land prep set up. We can also help with submitting for zoning! —SARAH SIBERT

How do I use the money I’ve set aside for homesite allowances? When can I request those funds?

Once you close on your loan and the pre-draw is received from your bank, you’re able to access your homesite allowances. There are copies of the homesite allowance request form in your Wayne Homes homeowner binder. You’ll fill out the request form and submit it along with a copy of a receipt or invoice. You’ll receive confirmation that your request was received, and we’ll let you know when your check will be mailed out. All checks are made out to and sent directly to you so that you can pay the appropriate businesses/contractors. —NATASHA HUGHES

As you can tell, the PAs know what they’re doing! You are in good hands with the Wayne Homes Production Administrators.

Our PAs have the details figured out, so you don’t have to! They are an invaluable resource to help you get to that much-anticipated dig day – the start of construction for your new home!

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Do you have a question for a PA? Contact us, and we’ll get you the answers you need.

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