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Aug 05, 2021 Wayne Homes Team

Meet the Design Consultant: Jeanetta Dye

Jeanetta Dye, Design ConsultantReady to get creative? This month we’re featuring Jeanetta Dye, a Design Consultant from our Newark office.

Jeanetta has been with us for a little over 5 years, and her years of experience mean she has plenty of great home decor tips to share!

What is your favorite interior style and why?

I love the growing Craftsman and Farmhouse Style. Growing up in a small farm community I am used to seeing all white farmhouses with dormers, gables, different size windows, and beautiful front porches. This style feels like home and a place for family dinners.

What is your favorite Wayne floor plan and why?

There are so many, and completely hard to choose just one! I would say it would be a solid tie between the Charleston and Somerville. I love the craftsman exterior of the Charleston and I love that the owners area is so spacious with a built-in place for reading. The Somerville Farmhouse with that beautiful porch is a place in the summer to sip lemonade and watch the kids play. I also like the first-floor owner’s bedroom and the angles of the upstairs bedrooms. I love gables!

The Somerville Farmhouse is one of Jeanetta’s favorite home exteriors – and we can see why! If you’re looking for more charm per square foot, you couldn’t do any better than the Somerville.

What is one of your favorite homes you have helped design and why?

I helped to design a Brentwood with a full in-law suite with a full front porch and rear porch. I helped design this home for homeowners who had recently lost their home to a fire. I personally can’t imagine the sheer devastation of what they faced. I was honored to work on the new vision with our homeowners and to see the excitement on their faces when dreams became reality. The home turned out lovely and I am sure they are spending lots of family time on their porches making new memories.

What is one custom feature you have helped design and why?

I love designing custom kitchens and pantries. The kitchen is such an important part of everyday memory making. I enjoy walking a homeowner through their kitchen prints. Creating a kitchen full of details and custom ideas, for example, coffee bars and wine bars.

What are your favorite materials/fabrics and why?

I like plaid, gingham, and checkered prints on fabrics. I like old fashion style and these all remind me of a beautiful farmhouse.

What are your favorite paint colors and why?

Mid-gray tones! The reason I like these is they are so cool, bright, and fresh. With a mid-tone gray, such as Essential Gray, a person can pop any bright color to complete a room’s design.

What is your favorite combination of features that work well together?

Providence II Legacy Dining Room and Kitchen
The Providence II Legacy Model Home kitchen is a gourmet kitchen with subway tile backsplash and farmhouse skirt sink. Take a Virtual Tour of this model home!

I like the Providence II Model Kitchen, the amount of included cabinets and open counter space makes for a pretty and functional space.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

This is the easiest question for me. I am completely inspired by our homeowners. Our homeowners dream big, I like being able to create a space that achieves their vision and watch their dreams come true.

What are some commonly asked design questions you get and how do you answer them?

The question I get asked the most is, “What do you think?” I get asked often simply for my advice. Advice on budget, colors, space, and even where I think grandma’s hutch should be placed. I am honored every time my homeowners ask a question that they want and appreciate my insight.

Is there anything else you want to add about designing homes for our customers?

I am proud to work for a company that builds their homeowners’ homes as if they were their own. Working with dreams is an important job and one I am thankful to do every day! So many dreams, so many wonderful families, and not a day goes by where I am not blessed by my career.

Have you got design questions for one of our experts? Contact us, and we can put you in touch with a design consultant who can help you design the home of your dreams.

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