True Design guide to Traditional-style interiors.


We’ve designed a guide for customizing your home to match both your home’s architectural style and your personal style.

Traditional architecture means different things in different places. Because the culture, climate and aesthetics that drive design vary by region. Here at Wayne Homes, our Tradition materials are rooted in familiar styles and materials of Middle America. Although these honor the region’s agrarian heritage, they’re not stuck in the past. They’re designed to be fully in the present, with homes that feel just right in any local setting.

With the help of professional designers and colorists, we’ve created a portfolio of just-right combinations – a palette of interior materials and colors that work beautifully together. It’s a hassle-free way to help you find what you like rather than starting with a blank canvas. This True Design guide gives you a convenient point of reference for creating the custom home you’ve always wanted, a home with an enchanting and enduring sense of style.

Simply use the form on this page to give us a few details about where to send your free guide.

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