Selling Wayne Homes leads to happy client and great commisions

You have a tough, important job. You don’t need a homebuilder to make it tougher. That’s why we created a building process that keeps you informed and in charge.

It actually lightens your load as it lets you give your clients an even higher level of service. And our Realtor compensation program pays promptly and generously. Of course, all these things are easy to say. So we called a few Realtors who’ve sold multiple Wayne homes and asked them why they recommend Wayne Homes to their clients. Here’s a little of what they told us:

I tend to sell a lot of country property, a lot of land. So I try to maintain relationships with builders who can build on someone’s land. That’s what Wayne specializes in, so it’s a good fit for my business.

One of the best parts about working with Wayne Homes is the friendliness of the people there. They do a good job of staying on top of the process. I don’t like when people don’t return your calls, and I haven’t ever had that problem with Wayne Homes.

With Wayne, you get what you ask for. You get what you expect to get. If you have something specific in mind, like customized changes, they always work with you to get it.. If I were going to build a new home, Wayne would be on my list because I’ve seen they can build whatever someone wants.

–Mar’ Hartley, Real Living Real Estate, Ohio

Wayne builds a very, VERY nice home for the price — unbelievable. When somebody comes to me and says, “we’d love a new home but we really can’t afford one,” that’s when I bring up Wayne Homes. I’ll say, “Have you looked into Wayne Homes?” and they’ll say, “No we haven’t.” Then they’ll call Wayne Homes and discover that they can do this.

The little things that Wayne does are impressive. I had a customer who had a very sloped piece of land. He went to two builders who refused to build on that lot. But Wayne was able to. He’s now in his new Wayne home and he’s very happy. It’s a wonderful experience to work with Wayne. They’ll go over and above to please people. Which helps me too. If my clients are happy with Wayne Homes, they’re more likely to say nice things about me.

A lot of Realtors steer their customers away from new homes because they don’t want to wait six months for their commission check. But Wayne Homes doesn’t make you wait for the home to be finished before they pay your commission. And if you sell more than one Wayne Home in a year, you get a higher commission for the additional homes you sell. I feel Wayne Homes is just better all the way around.

–Gayle Ludwick, Prudential Preferred Realty, Pennsylvania

Right now, I’m in the middle of selling my third and fourth Wayne homes. Wayne Homes is more flexible about making changes than the typical large builder, they do a little more for you. Their prices are reasonable. And they’re very good to work with.

My clients who have chosen Wayne didn’t want a big builder. They wanted their own space, their own land. The two Wayne homes I’m working on right now, I had listings for land and the buyers came and asked for suggestions for builders. I like working with Wayne because of their hands-on contact. Their sales people stay in touch with you and keep you informed.

One of the clients I’m working with called me just this morning. He was at the land site and he’s very happy. He’s thanked me a couple of times already for turning him toward Wayne Homes.

–Steve Barbeau, Forman Realtors, Ohio

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