There’s a reason why Wayne Homes has won more awards for customer service and satisfaction than just about any other builder out there. It’s because we devote as much effort to our homebuilding process as we do to creating great home designs. We’ve taken what is typically a confusing, unpredictable path and made it smooth and methodical. Even fun. And we support our customers at every step, from the moment they first walk through our door to the moment they walk through their very own front door.

We start with what’s most important to YOU

Your home should express you. It should reflect your personality, your day-to-day life and, yes, your budget. Which is why we developed the Personal Value List. It’s the very first step of building a home with Wayne. The Personal Value List helps you prioritize what you want and need from your new home. And it helps us put together a plan and a price that fit you to a tee.

Your Trusted Guides during the process:

iStock_000004142244XSmallYour New Home Consultant

This is the person that will be at your side through the entire process, helping you select and customize your home design, answering all your questions and providing everything you need as your home is being built.


Inset-Field-SupervisorYour Field Manager

This is who oversees the construction of your home from the ground up, assuring that it gets built exactly how you wanted it. No surprises. (Well, maybe some pleasant ones.)


And we stay with you, even AFTER you move in

Our two-year Fit & Finish Warranty and ten-year Structural Warranty are the best in the business. But ultimately, a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it. Unlike a lot of other homebuilders these days, we don’t hire out our warranty service to a third party. If a Wayne Homes customer has a warranty issue, we want to know that the service is done promptly and correctly. So we maintain our own Customer Care department, staffed by people who know our homes and truly care about our customers. Which is good for your peace of mind … and ours.

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