Fun Facts
Apr 26, 2011 Custom Home Design

Fun Facts

Wayne Homes’ mission has three simple but powerful goals: provide outstanding customer experiences, do a great job, and get better every day. All of us take this mission very seriously; that’s why we always ask our customers how we’re doing and why we never fail to share that feedback with fellow stakeholders. It’s a passion. So who are these stakeholders?

First, let’s start with the definition of ‘stakeholder’. Paraphrasing the dictionary, it says a “stakeholder is anyone who has a direct or indirect stake in Wayne Homes–because he or she can either affect, or be affected by the company’s actions, policies and goals”. Well that certainly widens the circle from my first guess!

By definition then, a stakeholder is everyone on our payroll, plus trade partners, suppliers, our customers, and even the communities where we live, work, and play. Sometimes I forget how many people Wayne Homes touches every day! So let me just tell you about our team, because we now know there will never be enough room to list everyone else.

Fun facts: the company started in 1973 and the original owners retired in the 1990’s. Our currently longest-tenured teammate, Julie, celebrates her 25th anniversary this July. Three more will hit that milestone this fall! We have over 100 employees, who altogether average eight years of working with Wayne Homes—and that includes those who just joined us this year.

As Wayne Homes has grown, so have most of our trade partners–many stakeholder relationships that began in the 1970’s are still with us and prospering. Our vendor base is diverse; it includes small, self-employed craftsmen, to large organizations capable of satisfying our needs across multiple states. Fun facts: 80% of our trade partner relationships average 9 years of ‘stakeholder tenure’. Perhaps more remarkable, one third has averaged 20 years. Wow!

All of these great folks share the same mission; and that enables us to provide high-quality homes and outstanding experiences for all of our stakeholders–Customers, Employees, Trade Partners and the communities themselves.

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