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Walls and Trim with Winning Style

The Details Matter! Get Inspired with these Stylish Walls and Trim.

The magic of paint. It simply is the easiest and most impactful update you can do. We all know that painting your walls a different color can change the mood of your home, but did you know painting trim something other than white is a trend that can pack a punch and instantly modernize your space?

Gone are the days when white trim was the only option.

Now we are seeing walls being painted white then trim painted a contrasting deeper neutral. This makes the trim pop while keeping a timeless palette. This modern switch is such a refreshing change!

Brittany Burkhart, Wayne Homes’ Model and Virtual Design Coordinator said that, while she is a fan of white trim, the new colored trim is a great way to bring unique style to your home.

Brittany Burkhart, Wayne Homes’ Model and Virtual Design Coordinator

“If you are unsure whether you want to paint all your trim a darker color, try choosing one room to try it out.”

Brittany took this approach in our Portage Winchester II Model Home office and the Belmont Covington Model Home office. “Both of these model homes show how this design concept can work well in just one room.” Your home office can be a great space to try the contrasting wall and trim trend, as would an owner suite. “The contrasting wall and trim really elevates the space, giving a trendy hotel room vibe.”

If you’re building a home with Wayne, our Craftsman interior trim options are a great choice to paint darker than the walls. The larger Craftsman trim can really stand out and make a statement, without adding significantly to your budget.

Brittany says that white trim will always be a classic choice, but one big perk of having darker trim is that it hides wear and tear better. “White trim can show marks and dirt more easily, especially at the baseboards. Homeowners with kids and/or pets may want to opt for darker trim color for that reason alone!”

Kate of Home Love Toledo Interior Design took this trend into her home as she updated it.

“I think contrast trim is a versatile trend—which means it will be around for a long time. From bold contrasts, to slight shade variations, the trend offers a ton of options,” Kate said. And this isn’t necessarily a new trend… “Accentuating millwork has been a design staple for hundreds of years and the current trend of contrasting trim falls into that. Plus, it’s an extremely affordable way to add interest to your space.”

Julie Hoffman, Design Consultant for the Wayne Homes Delaware office agrees. “At the end of the day, it’s paint. I always recommend trying something you’re interested in. And remember – you can always repaint. It’s not permanent!”

Julie Hoffman, Design Consultant, Delaware office
Julie Hoffman, Design Consultant, Delaware office

Julie says she loves to see the drama that dark accents bring to a home’s walls and trim. “I definitely have a weak spot for dark accents and trim. I like it because it makes such a big impact without having to do much else.” When adding a bright color, you usually need to pull that from somewhere else in the room too, but with dark or black paint, you don’t need to do that, according to Julie.

Janie Monster took this approach when she designed a stylish kids’ bedroom with dark trim. “We use painted dark trim as an exclamation point of sorts,” explains Janie. The light walls and patterns throughout the room were punctuated by dark trim that tied the whole design together.

Whether you are going for a moody home office, bold trim or a subtle contrast, getting creative with your wall and trim paint choices can really pay off in your home’s style.

Looking for some wall and trim inspiration? Check out our Photo Gallery.

Portage Winchester II Craftsman

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