Who Is Wayne Homes?
May 24, 2011 Custom Home Design

Who Is Wayne Homes?

Who is Wayne Homes? That question has been popping up ever since we decided to expand our custom building expertise into parts of northern West Virginia. Despite building 18,000 homes in Ohio and the surrounding states for the past four decades, we had never ventured into their panhandle. Now that we are finally there, it’s only natural that we hear ‘Who is Wayne Homes?’

So what’s the answer? Well, I could immediately say that we custom build on your lot better, faster, with more guarantees and happy customers than anyone else. Then I could list the dozens of reasons we can say that: from the quality brand names that we use, to the craftsmanship of our trade partners, to the prestigious 2010 National Quality award that we earned; and then back it up with thousands of referral testimonials from our customers. But I realize I wouldn’t be answering the real question asked.

‘Who is Wayne Homes’ solicits a whole lot more information than ‘tell me about your company’. It’s really asking what we offer you personally; and whether we can be trusted to deliver it, hassle-free.

Can you provide my family everything we are looking for? In other words, don’t tell me what you think I want…instead, listen to me; I am unique. I have individual needs and wants; I am not ‘your average customer’. There are reasons I didn’t compromise and buy a used home. Please ask me!

Does your quality match your price? In other words, I not only want plenty of choices, I want you to deliver what I select at a fair price. Can you work within my budget, and avoid unhappy surprises? When I need you, will you be a help and not a hindrance?

Will my new home be done when you say it will? In other words, I don’t want to have to move an extra time. And I sure don’t want to pay thousands of dollars more in construction loan interest than I have planned. Will you deliver on your promises?

Will you be my partner in this? In other words, I’ve heard that custom building can be stressful. Will you keep me informed, or keep me guessing? I want a colleague, not an adversary; do you really care?

Wayne Homes thrives on answering all of these questions; as we have since 1973. We are consistently praised as the best value in custom building for all the right reasons. Plus, we make it fun!

Who is Wayne Homes? We’ll create a quality-built, custom home just for you; and provide the best experience in the industry while we do it. That’s not me saying so – 9 out of 10 customers recommend us on third-party surveys. We are really, really proud of this! In fact, we’re happy to give you a list of our customers…please call them and truly discover everything that Wayne Homes is!

To learn more about Wayne Homes, our homes, floor plans, Open Houses and who we are, visit us online here!

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