Home Construction Financing: A Custom Mortgage for Your Custom Home

Many homebuyers are under the impression that building their dream home is way out of their price range. But Wayne Homes is here to debunk that myth. Not only is your custom home design more affordable than you might think, we can put you in touch with the right lender that will help you secure the... [read more]

A Custom Mortgage for Your Custom Home

You’ve chosen the Wayne Homes floorplan that fits your lifestyle, and the furniture you want has been bookmarked on your browser for months now. You and your family are now ready to push the start button with Wayne Homes to design and build your dream house. A Custom Mortgage Your next order of... [read more]

Financing Your New Home: It’s Easier Than You Think

Building the custom home of your dreams—it’s something that many Americans think is out of reach, simply because they assume that their down payment on new construction will be unaffordable. And unfortunately, many banks aren’t offering construction loans anymore—with most of the remaining... [read more]

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