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Jun 21, 2022 Wayne Homes Reviews

Featured Instagram Testimonial: Meet the Freemans

We are thrilled to share the Freemans’ Wayne Homes testimonial. Ashlee and Jeff Freeman decided to say sayonara to suburban life and bought 2 acres in the country. We are delighted they chose Wayne Homes as their builder to bring their vision for their forever home to life. They began construction on their Columbia Tradition in September 2021. Let’s get to know them and their story a bit better.

The Freemans have two sons (ages 10 and 12) who will love running around their 2 acres in the country. The Freemans wanted to create a home the four of them could enjoy as the boys grow up and for years to come.

Ashlee documents their construction journey on Instagram on their corner of the Internet @thefreemansforeverhome. From their dig day on September 30, 2021 to closing day on June 13, 2022, you can follow their process from beginning to end.

The Freemans worked with the Delaware office:

  • Julie Hurtt was their New Home Consultant
  • Julie Hoffman was their Design Consultant
  • Dave Richmond (newly named Delaware Construction Manager) served as their Field Manager

Here are some of the highlights from the Freemans’ Wayne Homes testimonial – from an empty lot to a whole lot to love:

  • Dig day: Ashlee said she knew they had an A-team working on their lot right away. “They dug our entire 1,500+ square foot basement with a 2-foot walk-around in just over 6 hours!”

  • A firm foundation: Exactly 5 weeks to the day after dig day, the Freemans had a finished foundation. It’s pretty amazing to see how quickly things can start to come together.
  • Looking out for lumber: The Freemans’ adorable family dog Carlee stood guard as the lumber was delivered to get started on framing.
  • Fabulous framing: Framing is always a “wow” moment. Day 55 and the walls are up!
  • Raising the roof: Day 77 and Ashlee couldn’t believe how quickly their beautiful new roof went on. “The crew was there when we pulled up at 7:45am and when I came back at lunchtime (12:30pm) they were cleaning up! They pulled out at 1pm. Talk about fast!”
  • Trying to be patient: The reality is with any new build, things don’t always go according to plan, and the Freemans were very patient as they waited for plumbing.
  • Holding onto a feeling: Ashlee shares how it has been 1 year since the Freemans found their property. They knew it was their slice of heaven, and the spot for their forever home. Although it’s hard in the middle of the process to see the end…it’s coming!
  • Siding is a sight for sore eyes: Siding is in and gives the Freemans’ Columbia a major facelift.
  • Drywall on the double: Just as there are periods of waiting, there are also times when things happen right before your eyes. Ashlee said the drywall went up faster than she imagined possible!
  • Kitchen is in: Nothing makes a new house feel like a home more than a freshly installed kitchen. It’s getting real now!
  • A stroke of genius: Final paint is done and this home is just about complete–and simply stunning.
  • Absolutely floored: The Freemans are absolutely floored by how their home works. And what made the last big difference? Flooring! Ashlee says, “All of a sudden our house looks like HOME!!! I am shocked with how different it looks by adding our flooring! And as nervous as I was about the color, all of that was for nothing!! I should have known to trust that our @waynehomes design consultant wouldn’t lead us astray with this big decision.”

The Freemans said in their Wayne Homes testimonial that the reason they chose Wayne Homes was because of their initial meeting with Julie Hurtt from the Delaware office. “That pretty much locked us in. When you can go to someone and tell them what your dream is and she responds with, ‘Well, we’re going to make it a reality.’ Why would you go anywhere else?!” We are beyond glad that the Freemans chose us and that we were able to make their dream home come true.

Do you have a dream home you’d like to make a reality? Bring us your vision, and we can make it so. Contact us today!

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