The Bonars found out that nobody does it like Wayne.

John and Amanda Bonar and their children enjoy family time in their new Wayne home.

The last year and a half has been rather eventful for Amanda Bonar and her husband John. They had a new baby. They built and moved into a new home. On top of all that, they helped 10 other people find a good homebuilder. Amanda says this last bit wasn’t overly difficult.

“Just last week the sister of one of my friends called and asked if she could come see our home,” Amanda says. “She has already signed with Wayne Homes.” Since then, two more of the Bonar’s referrals have bought from Wayne. Yes, three people in one week.

So how does Amanda Bonar inspire her friends and family to seriously consider building with Wayne Homes?

Does she use bribery? Blackmail? Hypnotic suggestion? “I’m just straightforward with them,” Amanda explains. “If I say that Wayne is a good company, they know I’m not just blowing smoke.”

Of course, it helps that Amanda and John can point to their own recent experience with Wayne Homes — an experience which, as Amanda puts it, “started out good and just got better.” From the very first phone call, Wayne Homes set itself apart from the other homebuilders Amanda and John had been considering.

“To begin with, they answered all my questions right on the phone,” Amanda says. This may sound like a trivial point. But it was critical to Amanda and John, who live in West Virginia, more than an hour’s drive from the nearest homebuilder sales center. “All the other builders insisted that we come to their office to discuss details. Wayne Homes was happy to work long-distance.”

So using a combination of telephone, email and the Wayne Homes website, Amanda and John were able not only to find the perfect floorplan, but also to explore a variety of options.

They landed on the Charleston, a handsome four-bedroom, two-story home. And they fell in love with the wrap-around porch that’s part of the optional “Family” architectural style. There was just one little problem: the upgraded Family architecture took the home outside the Bonar’s budget. This is when John and Amanda discovered the power of Wayne Homes customization. A few other builders offer customization.

The Bonars found out that nobody does it like Wayne.

“They don’t even charge 
a change fee,” Amanda marvels. “If the change requires more material, they charge you for the material. If it uses less, they actually give you a credit.”

And Wayne Homes will make any change a customer can think of. The only limits are the customer’s imagination and the laws of physics. “So one night I began thinking about that wrap-around porch,” Amanda says. “I wondered if we could just add the porch to the less-expensive Classic architecture.”

It turns out that not only was the change possible, it would actually save the Bonars $14,000, which brought the total price of the home well within their comfort zone. “We couldn’t beat that price with any other builder,” Amanda says.

“So why go anywhere else when we can get absolutely everything we want at Wayne Homes?”

But this wasn’t the end of the Bonar’s Wayne Homes story. Now they had to go through the process of actually building the home. “We had friends warn us not to build a new home,” Amanda laughs. “They said it would ruin our marriage. But Wayne Homes made it so easy, we’d build again tomorrow.”

Asked to name a highlight of her experience with Wayne Homes, Amanda says she
can’t remember a single outstanding moment. “Because everything they did was above and beyond. There just wasn’t any mediocre service.” There’s a recommendation that would make a believer out of just about anyone.


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